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Essential doom - 90%

PsyMoN_MDA, May 1st, 2007

It’s 2005 outside (actually May 1st, 2007:)) and, let’s admit it, one can hardly find anything new in doom metal. No, for god’s/satan’s/allah’s/buddha’s/others’ sake (underline the needed one) I don’t mean that I despise doom. Absolutely fucking not. It’s my favorite metal genre. But I think this is the truth. And then we see this album, released by an unknown band…

THIS, ladies, gentlemen, metalheads, desperate ones and just simple high-quality music lovers, is a masterpiece. From the beginning ‘till the end, every song. The music itself isn’t complicated, but let’s leave this part to power/heavy/prog. Here we have the lyrics. They are quite simple, but this proves once again the old principle: everything that is genius is simple. Put on to a symphonic background, sang by a melodic melancholic voice, they just kill. So much despair, emptiness, depression coming from them.

Song by song, the album creates an astonishing atmosphere. ”Darkness again, darkness forever, my heart is gone, gone forever”, ”dreams are over, void is my heart”, ”I’ve lost everything, forever”…The best track, IMO, is number 4, It’s Gone Too Far, with guest female vocals, done by Sélène Bérubé. Everything ends with an 11 minutes killer Coma, with “goodbye” being the last thing spoken on the masterpiece. Amazing.

So, ladies and gentlemen, metalheads, desperate ones and simple high quality music lovers, choose a rainy night, light a candle, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this album.