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All Hail Caesar! - 92%

Weerwolf, September 19th, 2010

Paragon Impure are part of the quality Goatowarex label - a respectable and well-known label in the underground circles and guarantees high quality music again and again. A label that has already released genre classics such as Verr├Ąterischer, Nichtsw├╝rdiger Geist, Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera and In Zalvend Onmin and seemingly has taken a liking to harvesting Flemish talent such as Kilte and Ghremdrakk ; the short-lived Verloren who released something for the ages with In Zalvend Onmin, but the same can be said about To Gaius (For The Delivery Of Agrippina).

As the title might suggest this deals with the none other than the Romans, a highly unsung subject in the extreme metal genre, but Paragon Impure have taken it upon themselves to forever change that. Fortunaly for us and them, it will not be remembered as a brave and ambitious effort that eventually failed to accomplish that which it had set out to do, but as a work that has its place alongside label classics such as the aforementioned ones. The backbone of To Gaius are the well-written conceptual lyrics and general song structures, which will put many bands to shame. The guitars are fuzzed-out chainsaws, who create magical riff upon magical riff and this for the entire duration, which admittedly is a bit short, but nonetheless doesn't feel like it lacks in that department. To Gaius is a massive half an hour assault that will show no mercy, but is equally as relentless and brutal as the subject at hand.