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The Ultimate Concept Album - 91%

overkill67, September 13th, 2004

This album is without a doubt the best conceptual album ever recorded. Lyrically, this album sparks a burning question about the injustices of catholocism against those who chose to follow a different diety. I've never been a big fan of religion...but this album tells a story of a different tune and by no means does it glorify religion.
Onto the music. Can you say theres another Riff? Well you'd better fuckin' get used to saying that again and again if you attempt to listen to this album, for it is chalk full of stellar guitar riffage with a crunch not that far off from Exodus. The solos and guitar harmonies are of a technical calibre and definately do not lack any sort of complexity. However, even though they are ridiculously complex, they are very interesting indeed and stay in key with the rythm underneath. Great guitar solos. and harmony interludes!
The bass lines for the most part are better than average and tend to sometimes do the occassional run by themselves, which only adds a different flavor from time to time to the music. Track #4 is probably the best example of how talented this bass player was. Also, another thing about this disc is the mix, you can actually hear the bass...and although the album is rather guitar driven, neither one of the other two instruments suffers.
The drumming is pretty exceptional and could probably be descriped as generic thrash metal drumming. Nothing too spectacular going on with the drums, but definately some cool double bass stuff and some very speedy patterns from time to time.
Lastly we have the vocals...well maybe not the highlight of the album,(that would be the guitars) but they're definately tolerable. Charly can sing, and he sings rather well...the question that ponders me from time to time is wheather or not his voice was a little bit of a burden for this album which never achieved any sort of popular status. He can sing though. He just sounds a little too wimpy for some of the songs brutally heavy riffs. The harmonies in the vocal department however are amazing and are some of the highlights on this disc.
Overall a great blend of Power/Thrash with intelligently penned lyrics and above average musical performances...worth owning.