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Not a sue me. - 70%

Seducerofsouls85, June 5th, 2011

I never saw Paradox as the unsung hero of the 80's German thrash scene, as many often like to point out. "Heresy" was a good album, but without sounding too up my own ass, I can completely understand why this offering might have ended up in a charity shop, or ended up on E-bay, because the novelty wears off fast. The opener "Heresy" has some pretty memorable riffs, and a few curveballs which keep me interested. The next few tracks seem to merge into one another from here on. There is not much memorability, and it becomes quite montone and tiresome. I know the lyrics are based on real events, but shit every song is pretty much about the same thing. Crusades, anti-christian themes, and the intolerance of the clergy. Not that the lyrics offend me in the slightest, it's just concept albums do not usually fair well for the most part in my eyes.

"700 years on" is where my attention span picks up a little, but by this point my day really could have been spent doing better things. "Castle in the wind" is a gentle acoustic instrumental that sees us out. I like the idea of power-thrash, and other bands turn me on more than Paradox. Some riffs sound really original, and the structures are progressive and quite impressive. In some of the more raw abrasive areas, they beat Kreator, Sodom or Destruction at their own game. But the good bits are few and far between. If you ask me the dull riffs occur more than the memorable ones by a ratio of 8:1. If you have one of the 2000 limited edition re-issues (I actually bought this because I sold my original copy way back. This album wasn't as popular as I must have thought, because I never saw another original issue since!), then no doubt you have heard the bonus tracks. You have two demos that being "The burning" and "The massacre of the cathars." Seriously only the avid fan would be interested, and I just thought they were even slacker and more tinny than the final products. I know demos aren't meant to sound good, but the actual songs never had much staying power when all is said and done. You also have a live video of "Heresy." Again, nothing to write home about, and only worth watching out of absolute curiosity. This is not a completely terrible album, I guess I never understood what all the fuss was about. I was way consumed by other releases of the same year, but I'm not going to blame timing for my lack of enthusiasm when it comes to this album. Worth picking up. I recently purchased it for old times, and in places there was potential, the main reason I never actually forgot this band.