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"Orgasmic In Intensity" - 91%

Obelisk, November 8th, 2003

Talk about underpromoted and overlooked.. This is a lethal release from these German speed/thrashers, their second, and definitely their best -shortly afterwards, plagued by lineup changes, they have disbanded for a lengthy period of time.. And it's a fucking shame, since here they clearly were at their creative peak, putting out this lost gem that every speed metal fan should own.

Musically, it's on the thrashy side, with a heavy doze of melody, and it's no wonder, sometimes, why they wanted to associate themselves more with the power/speed metal crowd rather than the thrash one. The guitar tone is simply fucking amazing, the riffs never get recycled, and the melodical interludes and solos always have a meaning (except maybe for the slower section in the middle of the title track, but it notwithstanding, the album still maintains a consistently faster pace, with a couple of acoustic intros here and there). The songs are extremely catchy in their entireties, though the vocal melodies could've been a little more definitive; Charly is a fine singer with a decent voice, but the vocal melodies sometimes leave you desire for more. The lyrics are occassionally on a cheesy side, but never obnoxiously unbearable, since, after all, this is essentially a concept album, and an ambitious one at that, too.

There are eight songs on here (+ a little outro), all somehow tied up with the overall theme. It would probably be a challenge to get past the title track, which has got to be one of the catchiest thrash/speed songs ever written, but the rest of the album still provides the same energetic - and melodical at the same time - ferociousness. This shouldn't be that hard to get, considering that it was rereleased (along with their first effort, Product Of Imagination), all remastered and in tact. And compared to their debut, this has a very much more refined sound, taking the band on a whole new level.. If your music taste fluctuates somewhere in the area of Helloween, Grave Digger, Flotsam & Jetsam, Heathen, Agent Steel - BUY this if you get a chance.