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Feel The Power!!! - 90%

Cup_Of_Tea, February 23rd, 2005

On their second release again Paradox can do no harm at all. The only difference is that here Heresy is quite more melodic and thrash oriented than before.

The album starts with a slow aucustic intro on the song Heresy, a nice little thing, but the things to come are far more nicer. Nice might not be the word... try crushing. :)
I should mention the riffs on this album are very, very catchy and well executed. And when Heresy starts, it's that good old "what the fuck" when you hear them! Those riffs! Just too damn powerful, I can't even count them, they're that numerous and that good! The vocals are excellent, the music blends with them perfectly.
This album reminds me a bit of Laaz Rockit, but only in style, otherwise it's rarely original speed\thrash metal.

The highlights are hard to find, since every song is a above average song.
Probably Kiltime and Crusaders Revenge since they rock real hard. But everything is a winner here. Definetly a worthy album.