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Paradise Lost kills it! - 100%

blightcaller, July 17th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, Digital, Nuclear Blast

I intended to write a review for the last album "The Plague Within", but I've simply left the idea alone. This week the band released this single and after listening to it (for a few hours straight) I've just had the urge to write at least some lines about what is to come for their upcoming album "Medusa. Well, I must say I simply feel mesmerized on how one of my favorite bands of all time has attempted and completely been successful in their mission to bring back a bit of their old roots but without giving up to improve even more and sound more different and better than before. It's like they've made an insight of their own history and decided to dig up that dusty essence they've been so extensively known. In what refers to the "The Longest Winter", this solo track simply kills it. It's not only a powerful song, but it says a lot about the band itself. For instance, we can see they've not only continued their trend from "The Plague Within" but also came back with some essential parts of their own history, like the melancholy of their "Believe in nothing" era, but also the dread and doom of "In Requiem". It's like one song could demonstrate what the band has been cooking since their powerful arrival in the 90's. "The Longest Winter" is definitely the greatest welcome for the new PL's upcoming album, one song that develops what it needs to tell what band is made of, and despite all of that, it's also a fan service of its own.