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Fun but all the songs should've been on the ablum. - 89%

grimdoom, July 26th, 2009

Paradise Lost was on a roll when the amazing 'Draconian Times' album was released. It was raw yet polished mixing a more Thrash oriented vocal attack with melodic but heavy guitars. Rightfully, it produced a few singles that thankfully contained more than just a few different versions of the same track.

The Last time was a fairly repetitive but good song. It’s not hard to spot how this was considered a "hit" with its easy to follow verse, chorus, verse format and its rather short length. This is a fairly good representation of the majority of the albums content.

The next song 'Walk Away' sets the tone for the rest of the tracks, sassy, bold and fun. In saying that, these songs are still very much in the same vein as the bulk of the proper albums material but just different enough that they would've thrown off the ratio had they been added. This songs message isn't that dissimilar from the prior song but its perhaps more poppy.

'Laid to Waste' is the rocking head banger track. It's more intricate in its delivery as well. Possibly the slowest track of the four its leads are crafty and sullen. This would have been a better track for the album than the singles title track.

'Master of Misrule' is perhaps the silliest track, if any Paradise Lost song could be called so. It’s got a lighter attitude than the others and slots nicely as the singles closing track. This track has the most attitude out of the four but they’re all fairly in your face for the most part.

With all the singles/b-Sides that came from the recording sessions for this album it should've been a double disc. All the songs have the same feelings of utter hardship and defeat to them and again are just as good as any of the albums proper tracks. This is worth hunting down if your a fan of the band or just the parent album.