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The weak enemy - 70%

JaqbS, June 2nd, 2007

The Enemy single is an introduction to In Requiem album. Unfortunately not so good introduction… Paradise Lost recorded three tracks for this single, and they are very different. First one, titled The Enemy is very weak song. It sounds like it is played with no idea nor conception. The only advantage are quite nice keys, but nothing more. I don’t understand why the band decided to choose it for the single and made a video clip of this song, although there are many better ones on this year album.

Luckily, the second track sounds better. Beneath Black Skies has very good, soft keys, too, but whole song is more differential and more interesting. The single closes not-album, instrumental track called Godless. There are two minutes of music which gradually builds tension and keeps it till the end as a good film soundtrack. Definitely it’s the best one from this single.

The Enemy shows that In Requiem is the return of Paradise Lost to gothic metal style. Unfortunately it shows the weakest side of this year album, although Beneath Black Skies and especially Godless are much better.