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Good overlooked album but not one of their best... - 80%

WitheringToSerenity, April 3rd, 2004

Shades of God can be best described as the crossover album between the doom/death oriented Gothic and the heavy/doom metal oriented Icon without the harsh vocals. Therefore combining heavier/almost thrash metal aspects at times with a small amount of their older death elements. Make no mistake that is not an extreme album though. This is a transition creates a merging of different sounds with Nick Holmes experimenting with cleaner vocal approaches and the music taking melodic turns you would have never seen coming from Gothic while still retaining its potent heavy edge from Gothic. Gregor's leads are still great but this album lacks what other Paradise Lost metal albums have offered. Perhaps it is the contrast and added experimentation. Still great and too often overlooked Paradise Lost here.

This album has the potential of alienating lots of fans because it maintains that harsh edge of Gothic and more accessible qualities of Icon at times but is a shame because this music could appeal to a variety of different fans of metal. The production on this album is not that great either, which is a bit worse with Shades of God because this album doesn't have enough standout songs to make up for poorer production like Gothic. That is the main reason for the lower rating is that there is a lack of excellent material. Mostly just solid Paradise Lost. Not the first Paradise Lost album I'd recommend, but to any metal fan interested in hearing solid metal music, this album shouldn't disappoint!

Favorites: Mortals Watch The Day, Pity The Sadness, As I Die