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Sieg Heil, You Conspicuous Robot! - 70%

OzzyApu, September 9th, 2009

Immediately we start with the intro, which usually is just some piano piece or stupid sampling to get the listener into the right mood. Gorgoroth did this with hilarity on their Antichrist album, and because of it they only got pies to the face. With this intro it’s brooding, chilling, increasingly claustrophobic, and overwhelming. I mean, damn, it's one fucking scary intro, like you're in a secluded factory deep in Nazi occupied Germany where superhuman experiments are taking place, occult rituals relinquish their secrets, and there is very little light or help to aid you in your suicide mission. Incredibly eerie and creepy, perfectly setting the mood that the rest of the album doesn’t easily waste.

The music itself reminds me of Hypocrisy’s earlier output (along the lines of Obsculum Obscenum / The Fourth Dimension); whereas Hypocrisy with those two albums is melodic and more produced, this album is raw, barbaric, and slower. The vocals sound more like Bromberg when he was in Hypocrisy – a very tainted, beastly growl. The music definitely strives to achieve more convincing atmosphere with chaotic drumming and deafening riffs – it’s a fine balance between atmosphere and brutality. There are usually melodic breaks or solo sections that add more flavor to the carnivorous tone, helping to stretch out the variety without sullying their established sound. Thankfully bass is booming like crazy to help envelop the listener and give off the claustrophobic feeling throughout. Its quite a fact that bass helps the music in this respect, and since this is doom / death, they’d be fucked if they didn’t have it.

My one complaint is that this album is stale and unemotional. Its not unique to this album – many death metal bands I’ve seen fall into this trap. Deicide, Autopsy, Edge of Sanity’s first album, Immolation, and others all take it up the ass royally when the tone is dark, but the music lacks a call-sign. Take it like this – there is very little here to actually hold the listener in for repeated visits. Its very chilling doom / death, but aside from that it doesn’t have a whole lot of lasting value or emotion deeper than what is on the surface. I’ll give them props for pioneering the genre that early, but its only enjoyable for what it is and very little after.