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The Paradise that dooms you - 80%

Manchester_Devil, March 1st, 2005

Before the men from Yorkshire started to go Goth rock on the Metal world and waved bye-bye. They were of the many Death Metal bands that appeared in the early 1990’s on Peaceville, alongside Darkthrone (who later became Black Metal), Autopsy (Who stayed Death Metal before being buried six feet under) and Pitchshifter (who aren’t Death Metal but transformed into Static-X’s English cousins anyway).

Paradise Lost in the beginning played Doom-Death Metal with the vocalist, Nick Holmes, growling with great conviction but tends to strain himself on certain moments of the album. The lead guitarist, Gergor Mackintosh, enhances the atmosphere of the album when he’s called upon, just as well as the production does it’s job of producing a raw atmosphere. The drummer, Matthew Archer is quite varied in his drumming during the doom sections of the album, throwing simple, but thoughtful touches which keeps the listeners interest.

Admittingly, some of the songs do sound boring though this can be put down to inexperience rather to lack of talent which is something you cannot accuse Paradise Lost of being at all. The band has actually created the first Doom/Death Metal album with this release as they will create the Gothic Metal genre with their next album Gothic.

The song structures used are unusual in today’s underground metal climate at the time as they are written as verses with the occasional chorus thrown into the mix. Sometimes, the verses themselves are repeated, though this would become Paradise Lost’s trademark.

From this point, Paradise Lost will evolve and then go into what many metalheads will perceive as decay, alas, we should concern ourselves with albums like “Lost Paradise”, “Gothic” and “Icon”.