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Paradise Rediscovered - 100%

abhimanyu, April 13th, 2005

I found this EP in a huge collection of gothic rock and metal I received recently. Though this special edition contains only 5 tracks, its still worth buying. Great songwriting and brilliant feel on each and every song make this one of my favourite collectors' items.
'Through the silence' is a great song, and pretty much introduces you to the sound you can expect on the other tracks. 'Sanctimonious You' is my favourite song on this EP, very catchy, with a beautiful chorus and lovely keyboard work. Nick's vocals are mostly clean, but all the conviction of a death-metal vocalist is there, making for an intense, heady listening experience.
'Let Me Drown' is a great upbeat song, with a quicker feel, and I can relate to the lyrics too. The prechorus is what really gets me on this one. I enjoy this EP so much because of the fact that this is a quality melodic goth band, that can really stand out. Its a pity this is such a short album. 'Forever After' is another wonderful song, with the most goth feel of all the tracks. The harmonies on this are very well thought out. Lastly, 'A Side You Will Never Know' is a good song as well, and is just as strong as the rest.
My opinion: two thumbs up!