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3 Very Good Paracocci Songs and LOTS of filler... - 55%

c_zar, January 21st, 2013

It is hard to rate a split, and in a case such as this where it seems like some tracks are bonus tracks (and thus, not something that should raise or lower a rating), it is even harder to arrive at a number. Thus 55% is an imperfect reflection of my mixed views of this release.

In general I prefer EPs to splits, since it's rare that I'm excited about both bands. In the case of this Fecalizer and Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis split, I bought this CD for the songs by the wild Mexican goregrind outfit Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis (aka Paracocci).

The Fecalizer songs are mediocre, dingy and dull goregrind. Their originals are all very short tunes, excepting their cover of Reek of Putrefaction, which I was surprised they could almost pull off. The six minutes of original material they contributed is padded by the cover tune and samples, including an especially long one from Re-Animator. Fecalizer's half of the split rates a 40. It happens and ends ... and you might not even notice that it happened or ended.

The Paracocci portion of the split is far longer---about 25 of the 40 minutes belong to them and most of their 25 minutes are filled with original music. And still, these six songs can be split yet again: The first three seem recorded in a studio and have some bite, while the last three tracks seem like demos or live tracks and are an unintelligible slop (even by the wild Paracocci standards). These last three cuts are not any better than the Fecalizer tunes and really sound like they're just making up everything as they go.

BUT . . . the first three Paracocci cuts are quite substantial, both in terms of length and quality. These three tunes are EXACTLY what I want from this band. They are passionately played, terribly filthy and very wild goregrind. At its best, Paracocci music is a Battle, and the name of that Battle is Music Fights Chaos. The song entitled Exciting and Sucking Female Carcinomas juxtaposes sloppy blasting and a steady chugging march, and later, hesitant chords lurk around the beat (4:00-) and are disciplined (4:15). A weird melody even unwinds in the conclusion of this tune, which is easily the best on this release and a real highlight for the band.

Although I really enjoy the three "studio" songs, I can't get behind the stuff the precedes and follows them. I am a fan of Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis, and I await an album full of songs as good as Exciting and Sucking Female Carcinomas, songs where these crazy goregrinders fight obstacles, fight each other, split apart, join together, march, collapse, die and are are reborn.