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Unfortunately rather uninteresting - 61%

Noktorn, April 28th, 2009

This isn't really as great an item as you would expect from the idea of it alone; while none of the material on this CD is terrible, the material from each band is substantially weaker than the best stuff they've turned out, and it seems neither really brought their A-game out for this one. It's somewhat acceptable for Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis, as their side of the split consists of remastered tracks from an earlier demo, but Butcher ABC's contributions are more questionable- couldn't they have done better than this? Anyway, while this isn't a terrible split, I think it could have been substantially better with a bit more planning and effort from all involved, which makes it a little disappointing even if the music is inoffensive.

Mexico's longest-named band begins with ten remastered tracks taken from the 'Lymphatic Descomposition Esquistosomiasis' demo, and the most surprising part of this band's side is how, well, conventional the music is, particularly when compared to the material off the 'Satyriasis And Nymphomania' full-length. One would expect that a demo-era version of this band would be even more deranged and bizarre than they would end up being, but the exact opposite is the case: where the band's first full-length seems to come out of nowhere with its particular form of pathological insanity, you can clearly see on this material the influence from bands like Carcass and Impetigo. There's substantially more 'normal' death and goregrind in this music, and it generally lacks the utterly abhorrent and incomprehensible quality which makes 'Satyriasis And Nymphomania' such a priceless album to me. The song structures are much more streamlined and traditional in nature, without any of the bizarre, probably improvised sections of the band's later material, and even the instrumental performances seem tighter and more coherent.

There's still some intense weirdness to be found; a couple tracks have strangely uplifting, melodic riffs, as though the band had been listening to a ton of Lymphatic Phlegm just previously to writing their own music, and certainly the overall aesthetic and murky production style reminds one of 'Satyriasis And Nymphomania', but this is much more accessible and traditional music overall. There's some clearly delineated lines where the band crosses between a more typical death/goregrind style and the first hints of where they would end up going; as the side progresses, the music generally gets weirder. Still, even the strangest material on this side is considerably more normal and palatable to the typical death and goregrind fan than anything off 'Satyriasis And Nymphomania'. The riffs are more Carcass-derived, the drumming less spastic, and the vocals, while still nasty and weird, aren't nearly as distorted and insane.

While this is a certainly much easier release to introduce a prospective fan to than the full-length, I find myself rather disappointed by how much more normal this music is than they would come to be. If anything, I was hoping that it would be even more deviant and incoherent; all the love I have for this band is based on just how little they sound like typical death metal or goregrind, but here that whole paradigm is turned on its head, making for music which, while still different from the average, is much easier to comprehend than what would later come. 'Satyriasis And Nymphomania' is still most certainly the band's crowning achievement, and while this music has its moments, it just doesn't hold a candle to the full-length.

If anything, Butcher ABC's side is more disappointing, feeling rather overly lazy and predictable than it entirely should. Butcher ABC started off as a noisecore band in their early career, and though they ended up switching over to goregrind instead, notes of their past are still very obvious: numerous tracks on this band's side would sound more at home on an Anal Cunt record than a Carcass one, and this isn't particularly riff-based or 'metallic' in any way. Butcher ABC's music takes the form of sub-half minute bursts of d-beats, strummed, punky riffing, and distorted vocals, with occasional blasting or more goregrinding tremolo riffs thrown in for good measure. The brief song lengths prevent musical ideas from developing a great deal, which, when you get down to it, is perfectly fine because I doubt Butcher ABC are attempting to develop anything at all: it holds true to its noisecore roots in the 'don't give a fuck' factor.

The problem with this music is that despite its relative noisiness and intensity, it never adds up to anything in the long run. Grind releases generally rely on the idea of the individual tracks making up something greater than themselves, but Butcher ABC's music has no such coherence; the songs are composed in an arbitrary and fairly random fashion, with none of the untitled works ending up particularly memorable or exciting. To some degree I appreciate the DIY earnestness of this music: it's clearly not attempting to be anything more than what it is. At the same time, though, it wouldn't be hard for his band to put a smidge more effort into their music and end up composing something a bit more meaningful, absurd as it sounds. Punky gore-riffing and d-beats are all well and good, but when you can't tell the difference from one track to another and you end up getting bored within ten of them, there's a problem.

I don't hate Butcher ABC's side; it has its moments and none of the music is abjectly terrible, just unwilling to extend itself and attempt to be something more. Part of it is just the style of the band but part of it points to not really caring about the music put forth for this release: I have a feeling that other works by this band are a lot more substantial and less fleeting in nature. The material on this split really doesn't encourage one to investigate it more, however; it ends up not amounting to anything and is forgotten as soon as the CD stops spinning.

Hardcore goregrind fans might want to give this release a try if just for one more thing to add to their collection, but overall I find this sort of boring: Paracoccidiodomicosisproctitissarcomucosis' side is a shadow of what they would later do and Butcher ABC's is just a shadow. This is nothing necessary for non-goregrind fans, and only mildly so for those who are entrenched in the style: either way, both bands can and have done better, so there's not a great deal of reason to pick this up.