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Pure Filth. - 65%

1234SLAYER1234, July 10th, 2013

So here we have it, the second album by Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis. To sum this album up briefly, it is goregrind in the vein of Disgorge (that also hail from Mexico). Musically their sound consists of fast blasting sections, slower, doom influenced sections, the odd slam and an obvious punk influence that can be heard at certain points throughout this album. The punk influence is often given through the drum parts, the drums often utilising a simple punk beat. This can be breath of fresh air after the blasting sections, the use of more varied beats is definitely beneficial to this album, creating more diversity and showing the drummer does not rely on blast beats throughout.

Vocally, this is pure Disgorge (and to that extent, Carcass) worship, consisting of a standard death metal growl with use of snorts and demonic high pitched screeches that Disgorge use. The growls are effective whilst fairly generic and the highs add to the deranged atmosphere that is created throughout this album, the growls can be smothered a little by the other instruments, especially when used alongside a blast beat. Further showing their influence from Disgorge, there is occasional use of dissonant melodies, however these are often hard to decipher due to the production. Overall the performances heard on this release are solid from all members, however occasionally you can hear the instruments falling out of time, especially during the more chaotic faster sections. The sloppy performances do however add to the atmosphere and general "filth" that "Aromatica Germenexcitación en Orgías de Viscosa y Amarga Putrefacción" contains.

Talking of the production, this cd has a surprisingly good overall sound considering the style of music they perform, the production keeps the raw sound that is associated with goregrind, but most of the instruments can be clearly heard. I say "most" because the vocals are occasionally drowned out by the drum parts, especially during fast sections and there is an absence of bass guitar here. Upon listening to this album, it is obvious the bass is there but it does not cut through the other instruments. Other than being low in the mix, it is plausible that the bass simply follows the guitars, thus causing the bass to appear absent. Whilst all the songs follow a similar formula, there are standout tracks here, such as tracks 4 and 5. Track 4 containing some very memorable sections (the riff around the one minute mark for example). However the songs had a tendency to sound similar, I do not hold this against them, for it is incredibly difficult to avoid this within the genre they perform.

So far this all sounds good right? Solid performances, demonic vocals, competent drumming and memorable guitar playing? This album is still brought down by highly irritating flaws.

Firstly, take a look at the track names, besides the fact I cannot speak Spanish these titles are complete bullshit, it would be almost impossible to remember what they are called without having them in front of you, this however is not the main issue. The main issue here is the samples. This album has some of the most painful samples to listen to, all of them (other than track one and three) are just annoying porn samples, with all these samples being far too long. These samples are not at all interesting, if they were, it could maybe justify their length but hearing a woman screaming gets very boring very quickly. Take track 5 for example, being one of the best tracks on the album. The sample on track 5 is over a minute and a half long, consisting of (you guessed it) a woman being fucked, whilst some dickhead groans and talks shit in the background. The frustrating thing is, the actual music on this release is good but before the music starts you have to endure these bullshit samples, I found myself actually shouting at my cd player, begging the samples to end so I could enjoy the actual musical content.

Furthermore, these samples did more than annoy me, they made me actually embarrassed to be heard listening to the cd. I had to tell my housemates that if they hear moaning and wailing coming from my room, I was not watching porn but listening to deranged Mexican goregrind. Whilst this is no reason to criticise the actual music on "Aromatica Germenexcitación en Orgías de Viscosa y Amarga Putrefacción", the use of explicit samples will put people off listening to the album, simply because anyone who heard these samples in the distance would simply assume we spend our entire day masturbating. Anyway, *clears throat*, this album's main flaws are the samples, without them, we would be treated to about 25 minutes of competent goregrind.

A tiny issue also is the album cover. Admittedly I was drawn to this album partly because I wanted to shock my fellow metal-heads with such a grotesque album cover however I would be very cautious of any young child or an elderly in-law were to come across this cd in my collection. This issue does not bother me too much, for I own many albums with disgusting covers. I know for some people images like this are very off-putting, which is a shame because the music within (once the horrible, horrible samples have finished) is actually decent.

Without the samples I would probably score this at about 80%, with points being taken off for the similarity of songs and the occasionally damaging production, however because "Aromatica Germenexcitación en Orgías de Viscosa y Amarga Putrefacción" is plagued with cringe worthily awful samples it gets a 65% from me.

To conclude, what we have here is pretty good goregrind, ruined by the attempts to shock the listener through samples, if you like to hear goregrind and dead-eyed heroin addicts being fucked then this is the album for you.


Standout tracks- 4 and 5.

Not the first, but still impressive - 82%

Noktorn, December 13th, 2010

When I first heard material from this album, I wasn't a fan- it felt like Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis had strayed away from the maniacal, depraved, chaotic sound which made their earlier full-length such a stroke of brilliance. When I finally obtained the album, though, my tune changed somewhat: though the band has indeed become more coherent and musical as a whole, this isn't quite at the cost of their mood as I once thought. More heavily influenced by death metal and (to some degree) porngrind, the band's second full-length record is a strong one, more varied than the first if a bit more restrained. While it's not a masterpiece like 'Satyriasis And Nymphomania', it's still a solid goregrind album which most of the time is miles ahead of the competition.

A solid example of the album's new direction might be found on 'Sexologic Coitalexamination To Bisexual Fat Fornication With An Anorexic Lesbian, Both With Clit Orgasmic Vaginal & Pleasure Dispareuniavesselcongetion' (copy/pasting is a mandatory exercise with this artistic collective). While the band's custom style of raving, chaotic blasting is intact, it's spiced up with more measured, Carcassy midpaced passages, thrash beats, and even a lone slam riff. The instrumental performances of the members have increased dramatically: the blasts are even and strong without the fading problem of the first album, the guitars are (mostly) on time, and even the compositions seem to lack most of that semi-improvised quality of the first album. Riffs are catchier and more obvious due to an improved (though still relentlessly amateurish) production job, and the goresplattered, multi-layered vocals are as depraved and wild as ever.

Still, this doesn't quite live up to the level promised by the first album. While the music here is strong and very listenable, it lacks some of the horrific, demented atmosphere of the first record- the samples aren't as murky and off-putting, the songs are a little too direct and 'normal' for their own good, and the overall level of insane brutality has dropped a notch. Granted, this is still much, much crazier than most stuff in goregrind today, but it's still closer to the style of bands like Oxidised Razor than the band ever was before. I certainly like it, don't get me wrong, and expecting an album greater than or even equal to the first might have been a fool's errand, but I might like to see the band at least occasionally dip back into the excruciating, cackling style of their older work instead of progressing towards a more palatable sound. Different strokes for different folks, though.

Reviews that refer to this album as generic or unmusical are basically absurd; Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis are still one of the most creative and interesting forces in goregrind today, and anyone who dismisses this as being improvised clearly hasn't heard the band's much crazier first full-length. Still, goregrind is goregrind and this will convince absolutely no one that was not already infatuated with the genre's questionable virtues. If you're one of the few who enjoy your goregrind with less groove and more deranged, incoherent splatter, though, it's difficult to go wrong with this album. The first is still more mandatory, but I'm happy to say that my initial impression was incorrect: this is a very good album that deserves the time of any goregrinder out there.

I have wasted 31:45 minutes of my life - 2%

bloodstainedritual6, March 25th, 2009

Shit, I mean what is this, is this a joke? Is this recorded by a 10 year old retarded boy?, this was my reaction once I listened this piece of shit, honestly I do not understand why American Line Productions admitted this kind of immature, boring and soulless Mexican band in its catalog of artists. I think Latin America and Specially Mexico have amazing metal bands such as Full moon Dweller, Asesino (they are originally from Mexico) and of course Brujeria but this band called “Paracoccidiodiomicosisproctitissarnomucosis” is just a lame and immature band and in this album proofs that.

Paracoccidiodiomicosisproctitissarnomucosis as several bands do, try to copy in a mistakenly way the style of several great bands such as Cannibal Corpse or Carcass in its beginning. I say “in a mistakenly way”, ‘cause it is more than obvious that they do not have the skills, creativity, maturity and experience that bands like these ones have. They just focused on creating goregrind music with heavy and very repulsive lyrics, which is ok if you are part of a brutal band such as CC or Six feet under, otherwise you will be making crappy, boring and talentless “music” such as the one you can listen to in this recording.

As for the album, honestly there is nothing positive to say about it, it has monotonous riffs, really stupid lyrics (I can say this over and over again because Spanish is my native language), songs with very long and stupid names and the vocalist uses a mediocre guttural technique. It’s so fucking pitiful to hear songs like the one called “coito examen a una obesa bisexual formicando con una lesbiana anorexica……..” which means something like, “sexual exam to a bisexual obese woman fornicating with a lesbian with anorexia….” I mean what is this shit?, this can’t be something serious, in addition the song is too repetitive and has no interesting parts as all the recording does.

In conclusion, I have wasted 31:45 minutes of my life listening to this “recording” and I’m totally sure that if you know a little bit about metal music you’ll hate this. It’s just an insult for metal music and these kinds of bands are the ones who make people who really love good metal like me and several metal heads ashamed. In other words, it’s a piece of shit; I just gave 2 as a score for having the balls for recording this crap.

Long and boring, and then there's the music - 25%

DustFC, August 21st, 2007

Now, I'm not used to writing reviews. I'm not the best at describing music, but I know what I like, and what I don't like, and this album is an album I don't like.

There is only one word to describe this album: typical. It is typical music from typical grindcore band that relies on your typical grindcore gimmicks to get listens. There is not a single redeeming quality about this album; it's just typical.

Bands like Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis rely solely on shock factor to get fans, and if you listen to this album, you'll understand why.

First, the vocals. They are the most in-your-face, hardcore, pissed off, I'm-going-to-rape-you-in-your-sleep vocals possible...actually, no, they aren't. That is what the band was going for, but barely achieved your average grindcore vocals. The rest of the music is composed of boring, uninspired grindcore riffs that become a jumbled mess as soon as the drums come into play.

The main problem I have with this album is that Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis doesn't even attempt to make any track more noticeable than the others; I listened to this album while surfing Metal-Archives, and could only tell the song had begun the second track because of the clichéd porn intros. If I edited these songs to get rid of the intros, I would have no clue when a new track was starting.

So this album is just another lame attempt to shock without the music to back it up, and when it comes to grindcore, that is an automatic failure to me.