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Parabellum - Stainless

Sweet Southern Sludge - 87%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

A suitable slab of sludgy “swamp metal,” “Stainless” sends the listener on a journey through the massive, molasses-laden metal grooves of the Deep South. Thick mucky grooves flesh out this album, although it is certainly not without its moments of melody. See “Locust Dreams In Potters Field” for an accurate assessment of Southern soulfulness, embellished by the venerable Hand Of Doom.

Not without their own distinct ambience, the band pauses to note their affection for New Orleans and its scene of sludgeoholics. We’re talkin’ real deal sludge-metal here. The Florida troupe does allow for a bleak St Vitus groove, but they manage to mechanize “Sheep So Blind” in a way that gives the track a weighty personality that’s all its own.

Parabellum likes to get the most out of a riff and their skills at matching plodding, axe-tone mountains are more than impressive. The production has a particular harshness that is also enticing, as the band plow through a healthy blend of Danzig, Crowbar and Trouble riffing that is enhanced by the varied vocal techniques employed by Shane Reneaux.

The electric sleepiness of the thunderhead doom-job “The Wound That Never Heals” is made to impart maximum blackness. Crushing riffs come crashing down from fifteen stories above, slamming the onlooker with a murky punch of low-tempo grind. At times, the band is almost mystical, pouring forth vats of molten lead as they vibe off the buzzing, distorted energy that they have created.

This scene is undoubtedly gaining steam and Parabellum is right on the heels of the leaders of the wolfpack with this monster!