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Black is the Great Panther - 80%

demonomania, November 18th, 2004

...or whatever the hell "Schwarz ist Unser Panzer" means. This is by far the best song on the album, even people who are not into death/black metal will love the eye gouging breakdown at the end of this song.

Overall, every song does have something pretty enjoyable in it, though overall it is hard to listen to from beginning to end due to the constant blasting and double bass. Still, a fun album, and one does wonder what the hell the song titles are all about, though the band's site says they are reliving WWII through music. This is pretty accurate, the black-metally melodic guitars and deathy breakdowns, combined with a relentless drum performance and some funny samples (one is from The Devil's Advocate, I think) make it sound like you're in combat. Without the guitars laying down a brutal groove and then soaring into high - pitched riffs, it is entirely possible that this album would be unbearable. The vocals are extremely low end cookie monster style, with the occassional screech and monotone spoken word section. The cookie monster sounds a bit studio - generated from time to time, but that's OK, at least Panzerchrist doesn't attempt singing. All the lyrics are in German, though strangely enough all of the movie quotes are in English (globalization of American entertainment, I suppose).

Highlights include tracks 2, 5, and 7, 5 being "Schwarz..." and 7 being "Zum Something something bla bla bla." This album is sweet, blast it while driving through a nice suburban neighborhood and enjoy the confused looks you inspire - I did, it was great.