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Panzerchrist - Soul Collector - 85%

Pestilent, March 21st, 2004

If anyone enjoys death metal with loads of melody, technique and fast picking riffs then Panzerchrist is definitely the band for him. With fast riffs, deep growls and high screams as well as fast drums this album is by far an amazing one.The best thing in this album is by far the great guitar riffs. They are all so catchy and well executed through out the whole album that you could easily listen to the whole album time after time. The drums are placed excellent for every riff and the vocals are deep and you can notice he cups alot. Songs which should definitely be listened to are ones such as “Panzergrenadier” which in the middle has a long sample playing in the background which fits perfectly with the riff played. “Schwarz ist unser Panzer” is another song, which starts off great, which continues and obviously ends fucking great as well. I can’t stop! All the songs have a piece in them that is amazing so basically I recommend all the songs.The production is good and sound quality is amazing. All the instruments are levelled superbly. The thing that sucked a bit was that the song names are in German and they use some weird font that is hard to read. I don’t like the cover art as well. When you see a tank in the front of CD you don’t expect music this good. But anyway two horns up go out to all in Panzerchrist.