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What's all the fuss about? - 71%

ghastlylugosi, March 19th, 2008

The reason I bought this album was because of the glowing reviews on this site about "Room Service" and "SoulCollector", and I thought 'what the Hell, it is a great value for 2 excellent albums?'...let me first say that it IS a great value, but it is a great value for a coupla mediocre death metal albums (which, if that's what you like, is great!) and 2 bonus songs. Yes, the album is 79 minutes long, and it is chock full of death metal...but this is not the super-high quality stuff as described in afore-mentioned reviews, let me warn those unfamiliar with Panzerchrist! I find it nigh-impossible to listen to the whole thing, there is so much generic tartoofery going on.

Here are the positives, other than the value-for-the-money package...the vocals are not the entirely idiotic death metal burping vocals. Though they don't display much of a range, what d.m. vocalists do? The playing is top-notch...though the material is not. There are a few interesting parts within the 79 minutes, but they are few and far between; actually, the most interesting thing about it is the samples between some songs. Even the cover of "Metal Church" is dull, if you can believe someone managing to make THAT song dull! Hmmmmm, I guess I am mixing in negatives along with the positives! But that is how this collection is...when I found something to enjoy, I also found 2 other things to dislike, or just plain disinterest me.

I don't have any idea where this "fastest drummer on earth" award came from, but it seems to me that there weren't many other entrants in that particular contest, if this Reno is considered "faster" than Frost or many other drummers. In fact, the drums on this didn't stand out very much at all, along with everything else.

The production is fine, though you will be able to notice the difference between the 3 different recording sessions on this collection. Let me clarify that I listened to a LOT of d.m. in my time, and I got away from it because of bands like this. For my part, I enjoy the memorable death metal of Possessed, Asphyx, Pestilence, Dismember, and even the older Entombed and Cannibal Corpse material. And let me also mention that all the allusions to "black metal" mentioned in the reviews I read, stating that these albums had b.m. parts, must've been some different albums from what I heard! That is one of the reasons I bought this, thinking there was some crushingly brutal Panzeriffic band mixing in some black metal...but I was disappointed.

Here is what I based my rating on: value of package=96 and, value of actual material=46. Sorry all you Panzerchrist fans, there is a Helluva lot more interesting death metal out there, you should look for it!