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Useless sideproject - 15%

Nightwalker, September 15th, 2007

It doesn't happen too often that a sideproject of a bandmember who's used of playing in an extreme metal genre (whether it's black, death or doom), succeeds in playing heavy or power metal. What was Vader's Wiwczarek thinking when he came up with the idea of Panzer X?!

A more modern sounding and stereotypical heavy metal EP then this is almost unthinkable. It's not that it's bad, but it's a sound that's just too much of the same. Almost no one's interested in projects like this. This is what Edguy would sound like if they were a bit less melodic, and that's not really a compliment. First of all you have the first two songs which are fairly enjoyable, but no more. Then there's "Feel My X" which isn't even a good song, it sounds too damn poppy. Then you've got an instrumental song, and then a Rolling Stones cover (on the back of the cover it says there's a Judas Priest cover on it to, but apparently that's not true). If the purpose of a first EP is convincing people to buy the full album when it comes out, then their mission has failed...

I hope Wiwczarek realised this, so he can keep on playing in Vader, without spending useless time on this sideproject.