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New Metallica / Pantera?! - 65%

lfernando, June 14th, 2004

It's kinda hard to describe Panzer's music. Imagine this: between New Metallica and Pantera (cowboys from hell era) there's an edge, add a heavy-beating drummer and a guitarrist full of good ideas, that's Panzer.

But it doesn't suck as much as you imagine. There's good pinches of 80's metal (it's why I gave them a 65 as rate).
This is the sort of band that ultra-modern Thrash fans would appreciate. They are way too modern for my taste.
I can see a good potential in this band, but way they drive their music doesn't please.
The band: Good drummer, excellent guitarrist, good bassist, awful vocalist = quiet often he sounds like Rage Against The Machine's singer.

The recording is good if you consider that Panzer is an independent band.

If you like these ultra-modern-new-metal-trend-thrash metal, you might like this, if you want to try just to know what the band is really about, try Speedy (6th track)