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NWOBHMish Spanish Metal - 70%

DeathRiderDoom, July 6th, 2009

Sálvese Quién Pueda is Panzer’s second offering and the only one I’m familiar with at the time of writing. The band’s sound on this one is pretty straight-up, no-nonsense heavy metal, with often NWOBHM comparisons being evident in the sound, with pa pacy, thundering feel throughout. A pretty solid effort here, and one I perhaps enjoy aeevn more than the more generally respected Baron Rojo and Nu. While those two bands are also very good, this one has more a youthful, energetic, pacier attack – upbeat and to the point, with the very enjoyable Spanish vocals and acoustic guitar touches you find common in Spanish metal. Some great numbers abound what is overall a thoroughly enjoyable effort all-round.

My favourite tracks include ‘Galones de Plástico’ (Gallons of Plastic) and the quick paced title cut ‘Sálvese Quién Pueda’. The latter benefits from its energetic speed and some pretty cool, simple riffs thumping along underneath some well done vocals. A pretty evident NWOBHM feel in this one – especially with the main guitar riffs. ‘Gallons of Plastic’ is an oddly titled number which continues the fast-paced assault – its arsenal including smashing snares and cymbals, and a nice crunchy dirtiness to guitar tone. Spanish vocals are thoroughly enjoyable – really rolling off the tongue nicely (although for the life of me I have no idea what they’re talking about. Two very NWOBHM tracks with an air of Badger or Avenger about them. ‘Escapa’ is another enjoyable track which kicks the album of at mid-paced rebelliousness, and features some cool, smashing chorus antics. Not sure what the lyrics are, except for the frequent repletion of “escape” in the chorus.

Weaker moments include the slower ‘Junto a ti’ (Next to You) is a somewhat less than heartfelt semi-ballad which benefits from a clean emotive guitar intro, and a heavy, thumping feel through the chorus. However this one lacks some of the pizzazz of the other numbers – with a more straightforward guitar solo, and frequent repetition. While most of the album is pretty straightforward rock; simplistic yet rockin’ – a couple of the tracks don’t kick your ass as much and feel a bit fillerish – although the NWOBHM tones and Spanish vocals lure me in a bit, regardless. ‘Sube un Escalón’ is largely undistinguished apart from the memorable “Sube, (Sube ), Sube, (Sube) Sube un Escalon!” chant – which is probably more effective if you don’t know the literal translation (Raise a Step).

On to the verdict now – this is an enjoyable record by my books; straightforward rock n roll with hints of that NWOBHM sound (in parts of tracks like the anthem attempt ‘Salvaje como puro metal’ you even get a bit of a simplistic KISS sound. If you like the rocky NWOBHM stuff – this one will definitely satisfy, and Spanish vocals always do the trick in my opinion; they sound great, like French vocals, yet intrigue the listener who hasn’t a clue what they’re talking about. I’ve spun this one many times, and the cool mid paced rockers like ‘Otan sí,Otan no’ – with their heavy Spanish qualities always rock me out good n proper, while not blowing your mind like oh, say Sortilege or Queensryche do. Recommended Spanish metal that I’d rate up there with Baron Rojo and Nu. Definitely worth a listen.