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Light Metal - 60%

VNVNV, February 27th, 2007

This EP from Panther only lasts about 25 minutes long, and has 6 songs on it. Most of the songs sound very much alike. Panther’s music is not heavy at all, but instead gives you more of a hard rock feeling that can take you back to the eighties.

The old classic rock and metal feeling can be heard in the production of the record as well as the music itself. This really sounds like your typical 80s vinyl production, not really topnotch and gives you the feeling that you are listening to some hard rock show in your favorite bar.

The first two songs “First there was rock” and “Desire” have some decent old style vocals and a soft metal/rock vibe. All songs have some decent fast past guitar work in them, and especially “Danger” and “Panther” have some nice, but too short guitar solos.

“Deliver the axe” is another fast paced song with sometimes vocals that sounds somewhat like early Dio. “Warchild” is introduced as a ballad, that turns into fast paced war-themed song.

Overall this is not a “real heavy” metal album, but more of a hard rock/early metal album.