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very good debut, well composed funeral doom metal! - 90%

robert_sun, March 2nd, 2006

The name - Pantheist - covers a Belgian doom band; one of the founders is Kostas from He started this band in 2000. Their first release was: 1000 Years, a demo that was noticed by Firebox Records, a young and promising label, which releases mostly doom metal. The label uses the term "avant-garde funeral music" to characterize their music. I guess it's a little bit exaggerated to label Pantheist as an avant-garde group, but funeral music is a term that fits well to the atmosphere of this album. I have rarely heard such a depressive, mournful music. The tracks are built on mercilessly slow doom metal riffs and sad keyboard tunes. Sometimes the monotonous mood is broken by very pleasant and melodious notes, played by the synth. These almost ethereal sounds remind me a little bit of old Tiamat and In The Woods... Several times they accelerate the rhythm in the way My Dying Bride does. A diversified track is the 14 minutes long Don't Mourn, a song, which has strong riffs, dreamy tunes, and even some acoustic guitar themes with (Greek?) folk touches (?). Kostas' monotonous singing style fits pretty good to the music, he also performs death metal growls. The musical direction of Pantheist shows similarity with the Finnish suicidal doom metal masters Scepticism and Unholy, but the guitar work also reminds me of My Dying Bride once in a while. For those who are looking for well-played atmospheric and depressing doom metal, Pantheist could be a very good choice. A promising album and band, that's for sure!