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The majestic beauty of Solitude - 93%

WitheringToSerenity, October 4th, 2004

It's quite difficult for me to explain the impact of Pantheist's O Solitude into words as well as giving classifying the sound justly. They are a funeral doom band at the core but have managed to incorporate so much atmosphere and beauty mixed in with contrasting vocals to make what I consider a one of a kind album in this sub genre of Doom. As slow as their fellow doomsters Skepticism and Thergothon, but they have an ambience and atmosphere to them that really hasn't been seen. In a nutshell you could say taking the Skepticism sound and giving it a much more melodic, better produced and accessible approach to people not as interested in ultra slow music. There is much more to it than that of course. The beauty of it is that this approach gives a more ethereal sound in which the listener can be easily lured in and sent for an incredible journey known as O Solitude without even realizing the hour of musical bliss is over.

The music in general is very slow and simplistic with songs that are rather long. Five songs clocking in at over an hour. Which means many sustained keyboard holds and ringing distorted guitar tones which set an incredible atmosphere for this album and the funeral doom genre in general. There is a slight case of repetition in O Solitude, but in this case its no bad thing. They use mostly slow distortion guitars but they spice things up with a few acoustic parts and one or two nice faster riffs on the album. Don't Mourn comes to mind on that one. The vocals are either growled or spoken with one song having guest blackish vocals.. A very good contrast for vocals and the entire album overall. Each vocal styling is given plenty of chance to impress. The key to their sound and atmosphere in general though is the use of keyboards/synths. It usually ends up being the backbone or melody of most of the music and I can't be more thankful.

O Solitude is another incredible release that will most likely go unnoticed by millions of music fans out there. If you are into keyboards/synth work or just getting into funeral doom metal, this is an excellent band to check out. Its not for everyone granted. People who like their metal fast should look elsewhere. But for people who'd appreciate very slow, drawn out compositions this is for you!!!! Lets just hope Pantheist can match this on their next album! :)

Favorites : O Solitude, Dont Mourn, Curse the Morning Light