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A Very Enjoyable Listen - 92%

Robropnkr1, November 5th, 2007

When I first heard of Pantheist, I had my doubts. A band that mixes heavy classical influences with dark doom metal is almost too good to be true. Fortunately, I was shocked to hear that this mix is done perfectly on O Solitude.

The album starts off slow and heavy, which is to be expected from any doom metal band. After a few dark riffs done with classical overtones, the true beauty that makes this band unique begins. The clean vocals and the synth/piano parts play along excellently with the hollow, dark atmosphere that is created. The classical feel is felt throughout, and almost never ceases. The first song on this album is done beautifully, and all nine minutes of it never become dull.

The next few songs progress nicely, adding to the overall feel of the album. The detuned power chords and harsh vocals keep the sense of heaviness that many bands of this genre overdo. The synth sounds add an almost extra-terrestrial feel, while the piano and resonating organs keep the music droning and depressing. The length of the songs is to be expected, but the boredom of repetitive music is never felt throughout the 10+ minute length songs.

Aside from all the praise that I have for this album, I do have a few qualms with it. A few of the riffs, especially ones that are sped up and have an almost death metal feel, sound redundant and almost cheesy to me. The blast beats that are attempted early in the album sound weak, and don’t have a sense of driving that blasts should. This is the only reason I believe that this album does not deserve a 100% score.

Overall, I enjoyed this album very much and I believe that it is definitely worth a listen by anyone who is a fan of funeral doom or even death metal-influenced doom. O Solitude is never tedious, despite the fact that the tempos are slow and many riffs repeat extensively