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One of the few groove records you must hear - 95%

TheGreatTrendkiller, June 21st, 2009

Pantera's The Great Southern Trendkill is a very interesting record. Its similar to their earlier records but unlike Cowboys From Hell, Vulgar and Far Beyond Driven it has only one bad track. Its an evolution of Pantera's earlier sound and its the only album they nail perfectly. It's got fast and aggressive, slow and grinding and even the experimental tracks sound great.

The album starts off with the title track and its a great way to start the album. It changes from grinding verses to thrashy parts that'll make you bang your head instantly. The solo is great too. Next up, its War Nerve and its a change of tempo. Its still one of the better tracks though. Drag the Waters follows, and its the only single of the album. Its good, but it drags on a minute too long.

10's is next and its the only track I don't like. It sounds somewhat like the fillers off of Far Beyond Driven but thankfully the next track, 13 Steps, makes up for it. After it, the Suicide Note part 1 and 2 come up. The former is a ballad and the latter is Pantera's most aggressive song ever. It starts off really fast and later it slows down to a sludgy ending. Great stuff. Hells' Wrath is the next and its one of my favourites, with good riffs and choruses, although the pause in the middle is a bit too long. Floods is next and its the second ballad, but this one's more aggressive and has Dimebag's best solo which really suits the track. The album ends with the pair - The Underground in America and Sandblasted skin, both of which have good riffs and the latter is my favourite off the album. Fast drumming, death growls and killer riffs. Great way to end the album.

I've saved the best for the last. Phil Anselmo's vocals here are his greatest ever. Here he has perfected his growling vocals, and even does a few black metal screeches on the faster tracks and never sounds annoying, unlike on VDoP and FBD. In my opinion, if it weren't for his vocals this would have been an above average album. His work makes the songs have more variety and stop the album from sounding monotone. In addition to that, the lyrics on this album are much better than those on earlier albums.

In conclusion, this is Pantera's best album and one of the best groove metal albums, and I recommend it to any metal fans.