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Fucking Yawn - 39%

AxelTheRed, June 11th, 2008

This album fucking sucks.

I really wish I could just write that, submit it and have it accepted. No, instead of bluntly bashing this album, I'm going to have to try to eloquently explain why I hate this album and why you should not listen to it.

Now, I'm a reasonable man. I give every album I own a fair shake. If I don't like it at first, I'll give it another shot later. Usually they grow on me after some time. I've been working on Reinventing the Steel for five grueling years and I hate it more and more with time.

In fact, I hate it so much, I'm going to complain about something completely irrelevant about the album: The album cover. Seriously? A dude in boxers jumping through fire with a blurred-out bottle? It tends to remind me of that part in Full Metal Jacket where the drill instructor discusses Texas' cheif exports. This is PANTERA. I would've expected something more badass.

Reinventing the Steel is Pantera's fifth post-glam/half-thrash/groove/whatever-the-fuck-you-wanna-call-it album. After Vulgar Display of Power, it became abundantly clear that Pantera was running out of ideas. Reinventing the Steel is the point where the band apparently ran COMPLETELY out of ideas.

I once read an interview with Dimebag Darrel about this album and he said something to the point of "its got ten songs because we trimmed off all the fat". Great. I can't even fucking imagine how terrible the shafted songs were after listening to boring, uninspired track after boring, uninspired track here.

Its a shame, too. Pantera were always top notch musicians.

And as great of a guitarist as he may have been, Dimebag's performance here is utter shit. The riffs are dull and forgettable. In fact, I was listening to the album five minutes ago and I still can't remember one. The guitar tone is awful as well. It sounds they were recorded underwater.

Vinnie Paul and Rex hold down the fort like you'd expect them to. I was not wowed by Vinnie Paul's performance here like I had been on earlier releases, though. Again, it is a shame.

Phil Anselmo decided he was going to be angry some more and shout in to the microphone for forty-five minutes again. Remember when he used to be able to sing? He had a great range there, didn't he? Apparently sounding like every other hardass frontman was more important than his natural ability.

Reinventing the Steel pretty much sounds like a talentless wanna-be Pantera band in a crappy recording studio. Avoid it.