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BlackenedSally, July 14th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2003, CD + DVD, Elektra Records (Limited edition, Slipcase, Remastered)

I have always loved a lot of these band's songs, which I had heard over the years at parties, rock concerts, video bars, on the radio, etc. Heck; I could have bought their first three CDs with the money I spent playing those songs from jukeboxes while playing pool -and driving my straight friends bonkers with them in the process; they hated them so much ! I even listened to those 3 albums on home stereos, but apart from those particular songs, the rest of the album songs failed to entice me into buying them; I didn't even particularly liked the way they were recorded. Until one day I stumbled into this comp, and realized all of those songs I had loved so much over the years had been neatly compiled -and painstakingly remastered- on this fantastic piece-of-hell of a CD.

The CD features a chunky booklet with lyrics for all 16 songs, clocks in at well in excess of 77', and has a ton of pics and a brief but highly interesting story of the band. I particularly loved the first 11 tracks, which are on the CD in chronological order, oldest to newest, taken from their first three records for ATCO (1990-1994 period; Phil Anselmo era), but totally disregarded the punk cover -I never liked Poison Idea in the first place, the song taken from ¨The Great Southern Trendkill¨, the song taken from their live album, the one from ¨Reinventing The Steel¨ , and their (hideous to me) ¨The Badge¨ single. Well, it is hard to like every song on a compilation CD, but the ones that mattered to me were here, and added up to a satisfying 49', making for a great earful of powerful groove/thrash metal. I would personally have picked ¨Primal Concrete Sledge¨ over the five ones I did not care for, but that's strictly personal taste, so take it with a pinch of salt; you will probably love the whole disc.

The remaster is simply breathtaking; more dynamics, fantastic bottom end, clearly audible cymbal work; all the albums lacked, this comp exceeded at sonically. I did not even resort to firing up my subwoofer FFS! Cannot recommend this highly enough, despite those 5 final songs that seem stylistically so different to the rest, but bands evolve, and you take it or leave it. GREAT insight on this band.

The bonus DVD has their official video clips, presented with interesting visuals, but non-remastered sound, way inferior, but the two live in Moscow songs alone are worth the expenditure.