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Cover art is still hideous, the music... less so - 50%

psychoticnicholai, January 10th, 2017

Projects in the Jungle is the second Pantera album in the glam style. It's a noticeable step up from Metal Magic in that this feels more like a metal album and less like hard glam rock. There's more Judas Priest in the mix, and a little less Quiet Riot and Van Halen. It's still a cheesy glam metal album, don't get me wrong, but here it feels far more tolerable than before. It's a catchy and energetic release, if not also rather faceless.

This is basically Metal Magic with less lovey-dovey sexy-time BS and more rocking out. The catchier parts are more fun and less corny this time around. It's still corny, but it's to the point that it doesn't become too grating. The guitars have much more speed and impact this time around, with Darrell having clearly improved since album number one. The opening riff to "All Over Tonight" is savage and fast, which serves to make it a nice, hard song. There is still some sappy nonsense like "Only a Heartbeat Away" and pop-metal bufoonery on "Heavy Metal Rules!" which definitely drags this album down and makes it feel kitschy. This is also balanced out by harder rocking pieces which make up more of the album, making it feel more satisfying, despite the fact that I remember the bad songs more clearly. Terry Glaze's singing is also sharper as he's able to carry melodies better and his shrieks are more intense. There's still plenty of schlock to be had here, and honestly, this feels like a heavier and faster version of Metal Magic with an older, more talented band pulling the work.

Is this really a good album? No. A tolerable one? I guess. It's still schmaltzy glam metal, but this feels like they toned down the sex and toned up the rock to make something that people other than Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force could sit through. It's a rather faceless album with fierce competition from bands like Mötley Crue and Ratt who were better suited to the hair metal scene and Judas Priest who were more intense and better established. It's a "meh" album, but that in of itself makes it superior to Metal Magic.