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Awesome, no matter what anyone says! - 94%

IWP, February 28th, 2007

This was Pantera’s second album, and also their second album with vocalist, Terry Glaze. This is a glam metal album no doubt, but there are several songs on this album that are faster and heavier, and resemble speed metal. Unlike their debut album, which was heavily influenced by Kiss, this album tends to have more Judas Priest influences. I must also add that this album is defiantly not for everybody. Especially, if you’re not a fan of glam metal/80s metal. However, I happen to be a huge fan of the genre. The production is a lot better on this album, and Dimebag’s playing has really improved. Rex Brown, or Rexx Rocker as he was referred to back then, adds a nice groove with the bass. The drumming is also very good, and mix in pretty good with the songs. Terry Glaze users very high-pitched singing, which for the style of rock this is, is good.

All Over Tonight is the first track on the album. This song is very catchy, and after a few listens, you will probably know the lyrics by heart, and the riffs are also very catchy. The drumming stays very consistent throughout the song. Terry puts out a pretty good performance as well. My favorite part, though, is the guitar solo. Dimebag certainly was an awesome guitar player back then. There was also a video made for this song, which features them playing on stage. Awesome song! 10/10

Out For Blood is the first speed metal song on this album, and it sure is one awesome one at that. Add very catchy vocals, lightning fast drumming, plus another awesome solo, and you get another flawless killer of a song. I also enjoy the lyrics. “She’s out for blood!” That is cool as shit! 10/10

Blue Lite Turnin’ Red features one awesome minute and a half solo from Dimebag Darrel. In my opinon, this can compete with Van Halen, or any other 80s rock/metal band. 10/10

Like Fire is probably my favorite song on the album. It’s catchy, fun, and I really like the lyrics. Some people think lyrics about girls/sex is cheesy, but I personally think it’s cool as shit. Which is one of the reasons why I’m a big glam/hair metal fan. Once again, the drumming stays consistent, and the riffs are great, and fit right into the mix. Add yet another killer guitar solo, and you get one perfect song. 10/10

In Over My Head starts out with some nice synthesizer effects, which your average metalhead would frown upon, but is still cool, and it adds to the atmosphere of this song. This song also has nice riffs, and towards the end of the song, you get treated with a nice solo. About the only flaw this song has is Terry’s singing which is a little too girlish, and doesn’t really fit in right with the song. Nonetheless, it hardly hurts the song at all. 9/10

Then, comes Projects In The Jungle which is no doubt the heaviest song on this album. This would almost be borderline thrash, if they had the right vocalist for this song. However, it’s killer speed metal. Vinnie Paul adds a nice double-bass with drums, and the riffs are heavy as fuck! Dimebag’s solo is also very awesome. This could easily fit in with one of their later works (Power Metal comes to mind). 10/10

Heavy Metal Rules is, as the title says, is an awesome anthem about just that. Heavy fucking metal! The lyrics are metal themed, and sounds like something that Judas Priest would do. “I stick my fist high in the air! Heavy metal rules!!!!!” That’s heavy metal for you there! Dimebag also plays a nice solo. However, the riffs could be a little better. No complaints though, heavy metal rules, and so does this song. 9/10

Only A Heartbeat Away is probably the least memorable song on this album, and just like In Over My Head, Terry Glaze’s singing is a bit too girly. However, it’s till pretty good, as the solo saves this song from being below decent. 8/10

Killers is the final speed metal track on this album, and as stated in an earlier review, this is NOT an Iron Maiden cover. However, I’d say it’s just as heavy. The riffs are heavy, as well as the solo, the drumming is fast, and Terry’s singing is pretty cool as well. This is one of the better songs on here. 10/10

Then, we close this song off with a hair ballad called Takin’ My Life. For a ballad, it’s decent. Though, it’s not really my favorite track on here. Mainly, due to Terry’s singing which is as I’ve already stated is a little too girly. If it weren’t for Dimebag’s awesome solo, I’d probably give this song a 7. However, I’m bumping it up a notch just because of the solo. 8/10

As I’ve stated earlier, this album is not for everybody. If you’re not a fan of glam/hair metal, then I insist that you stay away from this album, as it has plenty of glam to go around. However, if you’re a huge fan of the genre (like I am), then defiantly get it. I’d recommend eBay which is how I got my hands on it. There are moments where the band was starting to become heavier (the title track comes to mind). This is an essential for any glam metal/80s metal fan.