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Less Kiss + More Priest = Better! - 63%

HangThePope, September 13th, 2006

This is where Pantera get the ball rolling with their careers not on "Vulgar Display of Power" like they would claim. They up the riffage, the album is a bit less glam and Dimes playing has improved. It's pretty comparable to the first crue albums as it's got the riffs and menace but with a big slice of glam.

The production is a lot clearer and louder and along with heavier riffs makes the sound SO much better than their first record. However, Terry Glaze and the lyrics are the big spanner in the works of the album. If the album had a vocalist with testicles and metal themed lyrics I'd give the album 20 more points.

Saying that there are a couple of pure metal numbers here..."Projects In The Jungle" and "Heavy Metal Rules". The latter is pretty dull but the former is the best track here! Speed Metal, like the title track on Metal Magic but this time with heavier riffs and drumwork and it's even reminiscent of the Cowboys album!! Yes back in 1984 they showed traces of where they were going to go. Awesome song.

Other highlights here include "All Over Tonight" which has another bludgeoning riff, "Like Fire" which whilst being glam lyrically has riffwork which is catchy as hell and "Killers" which is NOT an Iron Maiden Cover which most people think. It's pretty decent speed metal.

Most of the rest are mediocre love ballads but with above average riffs and "Blue Light Turnin Red" is a 3rd rate version of Van Halen's "Eruption".

Overall a half decent album. They started to use Judas Priest/Accept riffwork & the title track is brilliant. Track that down if you're interested in whether Pantera sounded heavy in the ol' days. You'll be surprised!