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The Art of Shredding - 99%

OmegaDestroyer98, August 6th, 2006

No arena's for Pantera in the 80's i can't see why. Pantera got a new look at their music with this record and i think the jam session they had with Kerry King of Slayer would get them into the Vulgar Display. I have this entire album and i love it! I think that it sounds almost exactly like Cowboys just two different elements
1.Cowboys has more of a groove to it
2.Power Metal has more of a Glamish art to it
Take a listen to Hard Ride and you will hear a Phil Anselmo you will never hear again. Holy Shit!! The guy could really sing back then and in the early 90's. Pantera brought a lot of Metallica/Anthrax based influences into that album than those bands would do themselves later on. The focus track/The Anthem Rock The World is one of my all time favorites. It's got an angry Maiden/Priest thing in it that i love listening to, and just think this was before Phil could actually scream. He did a little screaming on Cowboys but the next two records did it for him. Power Metal is a great record that doesn't get the credit it deserves. I still don't know why Pantera denied all the old stuff i think it kicked ass! Pure Gold right here, and if you don't have it GET IT!