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They didn’t deny this album, did they? - 100%

IWP, March 10th, 2007

As with all of their other 80s albums, Pantera, after they released Cowboys From Hell, decided to bury their glam past, and with it any knowledge that they have made glam albums in the past. Unfortunately, this album was also buried with the rest of their glam albums. Why they would deny this album is beyond me, because it is certainly, in my opinion, their absolute best album, and they were very stupid for doing so.

Anyway, enough about that. This is about Pantera’s fourth album, Power Metal. This is their debut album with vocalist, Phil Anselmo, and back then, he sure was one hell of an awesome singer. His vocals on this album sound a bit like Rob Halford. His falsetto vocals were at least 10 times, if not more, a good as his screaming and “tough guy” vocals on Vulgar Display and later. Dimebag Darrell improves even further in his guitar playing, and throws some nice killer solos in all of the songs. The only actually glam songs on this album are Rock The World, Proud To Be Loud, and the two semi-ballads We’ll Meet Again, and Hard Ride. Everything else is a mix between speed metal (Down Below and Burnnn) and straight out thrash (Power Metal, Over And Out, Death Trap, and P.S.T. 88), yes Pantera showed signs of thrash even back in their glam days. However, every song on here is flawless and pretty unique.

Rock The World starts out with a nice heavy riff. For a glam song, this sure is heavy. The lyrics are cool as well. It’s all about rocking the world in this song, and they indeed do just that. Phil makes a pretty cool shriek at the 2:40 mark at the song. 10/10

Power Metal starts off fast and heavy with the riffs and drumming. This stays consistent throughout the song. I also like the “power meeeetal!!” shriek in the chorus. The solo is cool as well. This song is awesome thrash/speed metal, and it‘s just a preview of what‘s to come later on in this album. 10/10

We’ll Meet Again is the first of the two ballads on this albums. It has one heavy riff for a ballad though. It’s sort of a prequel to Cemetery Gates. Dimebag throws another awesome solo towards the middle of the song. The song really gets good though, towards the end when the riffs really start to get heavy. Add Phil’s cool screaming of the chorus during this riff, and you get one heavy ballad. 10/10

Over And Out is the next thrash song on this album. It has a cool riff that you can easily headbang to, and the drumming is pretty intense as well. The song really gets good during the solo though. This is one of the heavier songs on this album. 10/10

Proud To Be Loud is probably my favorite song on the album. It has basically everything I look for in a song, catchiness, cool riffs, and an awesome solo. Despite it being glam, I can easily headbang to this song. The lyrics are cool as shit too, I love singing along to this song. “Cause of proud to be loud, and I’ll never turn it down again, no!” This song rules, enough said! 10/10

Down Below was originally on their last album, I Am The Night, and just like the last version, it’s killer speed metal. The only real difference is the singer. Phil Anselmo is singing it this time around, and he sounds slightly better than Glaze did on this song. As said before, this is Judas Priest worship. 10/10

Death Trap is probably the heaviest and thrashiest song on this album. Just the riffs and drumming will leave you headbanging for a while. Phil shows a little bit of attitude in this song vocally as his voice is slightly more raspy then in any of the other songs on here. Dimebag plays one killer of a solo on here that’s bound to get your hair spinning, if you have long hair that is (like me). The way Dimebag shouts out “death trap!“ near the end of the song is cool too. This song is pure thrash with an attitude. 10/10

Hard Ride is the other ballad on here. However, it also has some pretty cool riffs. Phil sounds a lot like Rob Halford in this song. It may not be as heavy as the other songs on this album, but it sure is very catchy, and for me, or anyone else who looks for that in a song, it’s a good thing. I sing along to this song every time I listen to it. Another cool solo is heard here which concludes the song. This is one of my favorite tracks on this album. 10/10

Burnnn! is killer speed metal. The drumming is fast, and the riffs are heavy. Just like Down Below, this is also Judas Priest worship. Through in your typical awesome solo form Dimebag, and you get another perfect and heavy song. 10/10

P.S.T. 88 (a.k.a. Pussy Tight) is cool thrash metal. The song has typical glam metal lyrics (sex, girls, getting laid), but the riffs are heavy as fuck. Dimebag is the one who is singing this song, and he sounds pretty cool. You have to love that chorus! (Pussy Tight! Tonight!) Dimebag throws in a cool solo towards the two minute mark. The drumming is fast, and stays consistent. This song is cool as shit! 10/10

In my opinion, Pantera has certainly reached their peak. There is absolutely no song on here that can’t be listened to. Every song on this album is awesome, and I can listen to this album over and over again. That’s how much I like it. If you’re a fan of glam, speed, thrash, or just straight up heavy metal, then you should defiantly get this album. I think it’s just a matter of time before the remaining members of this band end up re-releasing this album. Hopefully, that will be soon.