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Their best album & they pretended it didn't exist! - 83%

HangThePope, September 14th, 2006

Mary, Mother Of God did Pantera reach the peak of their powers here! This is the full metal sound they decided on in 1986 influenced by James Hetfield soaking Dimes glam posters in phlegm, the more ballsy Anselmo joining the ranks and from footage from live shows in 1986 they state they're a metal band whilst doing Priest and Keel covers.

Here all of the elements of their music are in their prime. Anselmo is 5 times the singer Terry Glaze was and this, along with Cowboys, is his finest performance of his career. That INCLUDES Superjoint Shitual, Down, any of his shitty side projects and the post-Cowboys Pantera albums. But because of his glammy 80's image he's in denial this music exists. Retard.

The riffs here are even heavier and as the other reviewers have said it is almost thrash because of this and the drumming which is also heavier. Add to the mix some sublime solos and this album's one of Dimebags' greatest achievements. Rest In Peace. \m/

It's hard to single out the best tracks here because from start to finish it's high quality, but the tracks that have to be heard are the title track, "We'll Meet Again" which is a prelude to "Cemetary Gates", A ballad with great heavy riffs, "Death Trap" could easily have walked onto the "Cowboys From Hell" and "Burnnn" is "Defenders Of The Faith" on smack!

The production isn't as good as Cowboys From Hell but the songwriting is better in places because of the better sense of melody. It's very much a heavily Priest influenced album with gritty riffs which yes, do sound borderline thrash. This album is fucking AWESOME most of the time.

Even the Dimebag sung "Pussy Tight" with ridiculous lyrics has a fucking brilliant catchy riff. This album hardly does wrong AT ALL and it's their best pipping Cowboys From Hell by a small margin.
Pity the band buried it, mainly because of the front cover!