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Theme song for megalomaniacs with a victim complex - 25%

tshred666, July 27th, 2012

Oh, look at this, an outtake from Vulgar Display of Power. This surely spread like the smell of rancid shit, which is to be expected, as that's what it is. This is essentially a bunch off "dun dun duh" groove riffs with the breakdown from "Use My Third Arm" used as the verse with the standard Pantera production turned down about five notches.

What do I really hate about this song? Well, beyond how it spread through word of mouth and the internet with people talking about how Pantera is still alive through their fan base and commercial legacy, it's the ass-faced lyrics that praise violence as a way to fix peoples character flaws. I can see why they left this out of VDoP as the level of ass-hattery exceeds critical levels. Where the majority of that album had well-meaning, but still knuckle-dragging positivity, this just reeks of "Oh look at how I'm better than everyone else." The attitude present in this song is an apt description of all these mouth-breathing metalcore/deathcore/pop punk junkies I'm surrounded by, the majority of them being the living embodiment of unwarranted self-importance. You know those kids that think they're hot shit because they have a band, wear the latest fashion, and have every Emmure/Job for a Cowboy/Acacia Strain CD on their shelf and see themselves as the police of their local music scene? Yeah, those moronic fuck wads. But I digress, as this has very little relevance to the song. The hamfisted lyrics show why people have zero trust in metal culture as they're basically promoting beating the shit out of someone you don't like, simply for the sake of fixing their flaws or displaying some bullshit feeling of supremacy. Yeah, because violence is always the answer, no, it's the sign of how our species is still just a bunch of stupid monkeys. If you want to prove metalheads aren't a bunch of dumb, violent motherfuckers, try writing some intelligent social and political commentary and maybe throw in some humor as well.

If you want to hear Vulgar Display of Power condensed, watered down, and with retarded lyrics, give this a couple spins. If you want intelligent metal that has honesty and musical direction, look elsewhere, probably any '80s thrash outfit.