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Damn awesome song - 99%

deathmetal69_, May 22nd, 2020

I've never been a GIGANTIC Pantera fan, but I did listen to them quite often in my beginner metalhead days, and this song was one of my absolute favorites by the band, and it still is, definitely on my top 5 songs by them. Piss is a damn smacker. It grooves, it's catchy, and it's badass.

Sure, Pantera has some cringe vibes because of their "tough man" "dad metal" type shit, (that's a fact) but this song is honestly far from those cringe aspects. It's written greatly, and it truly deserves to be as "tough man" as it wants to, because the song itself matches that mood perfectly.

Originally this was supposed to be included on the Vulgar Display of Power album, but didn't for some reason, it should've been on it though, it would've been really popular back then as it is now. Such a underrated song although it probably isn't at all. Even though it didn't appear on the album, the song is definitely my favorite from it, because it was made during the album's creation.

The main riff is INCREDIBLY catchy. This isnt one of Pantera's average makeshift decent groove riffs, this riff grows on you drastically the second you hear it. It's catchy, catchy as hell. Straight up. The song is mid paced for pretty much it's entire length, but it manages to change up a few times so it's more interesting. It starts with the hooking riff, then slows down a little and grooves even more, then goes back to the main riff and adds in some cool drum patterns and end melodies. There's even a solo, super cool. The solo I wouldn't say is AMAZING, but it's definitely great. The guitar work is awesome, straightforward, catchy, and makes great use of the grooviness.

Vinnie Paul's drumming is super cool here. It may be more on the simpler side, but I personally like it alot. He does a pocket beat, then goes to mid paced double kicking, and back to pocket. It fits the groove of Dimebag's guitar big time, it goes together. The drums are nothing amazing, but I like them big time. Super fun to play on drums too, I remember playing this song dozens of times back in the 8th grade, and it sure was a blast. Along with the guitar playing and it's groove, the drums make this song catchy too.

Although Anselmo sounds nearly identical on every Pantera song/release, I gotta say I really like his vocals here. They sound different for some reason, in the aspect of being better as usual. This song is about anger towards an idiotic person, so I guess he wanted to be more straight up with the mood of it. He may not have much range when it comes to the groove era of Pantera, (range meaning that he always sounds the same, not in the way of his work on songs like Cemetery Gates) but on this song specifically he does a great job, better than usual I'd say although it isn't nearly that different from his regular self here.

I'm not one to care or talk about lyrics at all, but the lyrics on this song are definitely worth mentioning.

"I'd leave him physically crippled
Without a leg to stand
I'd throw that trash away
Because a runt like that is piss in the wind
My fist would be the decider
I wasn't raised a fool
I'd stomp his ass for free
Because a punk like that is piss in the wind"

I absolutely love these lyrics, ALOT. Another reason why Piss is so catchy, the music may already be that; but these rememberable and relatable lyrics are so great. Whenever I read/hear them, a giant smile shows up on my face. I think to myself "Wow, I love this, lmao. This is awesome. Makes me happy." This song is about beating up worthless douche bags that think they're the shit, referring to them as "PISS in the wind", because they're legitimately worthless and are reminiscent to literal piss. Especially these days, people are starting to act like wannabe gangster hood rats for absolutely no reason, and most of them are worthless douchebags that think they're all cool, and this song is an anthem towards people like those. Idiots definitely don't deserve any pity at all, and this song describes exactly that. Of course it doesn't always have to be a wannabe gangster, just your general cuckfaces that present themselves to be hard, when they're disliked by alot and are general assholes. People like this can't and shouldn't be tolerated.

If you've got ME talking about lyrics, then that means I really like the song, or you did a great job getting your message through, because I swear I couldn't care less about lyrics. I'm here for the music and only that. These lyrics are awesome and great, rememberable as hell and you'll be able to fully recite them once you know this song.

I sadly had to take out a 1% and give this a 99% only because sometimes the kick drum can be pretty loud in the mix; since this was originally intended to be a song on Vulgar Display, the album has a loud kick drum that's excruciating most of the time. Other than that, there's absolutely zero issues with this song.

At the end of the day, I'm not a giant fan of Pantera, not at all. I listened to them alot when I was a beginner metalhead, these days I never listen to them at all, sometimes I will, but on the average? Nope. Never. Just a nostalgia band that I'll listen to when I'm in the mood. This song specifically I love, alot. It has personality, it's catchy, it's rememberable, it has all the awesome aspects possible. I'm not into any full Pantera albums other than Cowboys From Hell, I only like a handful of songs from all the other albums past that one. If I'm writing a review for a song, that has to mean something. I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't love this song itself. Pantera fanboys are fucking cringey as shit and I can't tolerate their fanbase for the most part, but Piss is such an amazing track, I have to appreciate it for what it is.

Most of Pantera's stuff is pretty repetitive and not that interesting in my opinion, and they're not that special except for a few certain tracks on all the albums. I am not even an avid listener of the band, not any more actually. But THIS, Piss; is a beauty. Incredibly great song that deserves all and any attention it gets. It's a shame that pretty much all the reviews this has are negative. Yeah, Pantera sure is cringe at a lot of times, but this song is deserving of the "tough boy" attitude and isn't bad. This is a perfect song for a moshpit, and I'd throw down.

Piss is an essential Pantera song, absolute smacker and forever a favorite of mine. Couldn't care less about the band these days, but Piss I will always love and care for.