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Not as bad as the title... - 64%

KittenDecapitator, December 4th, 2012

Having a new Pantera release with material that hasn't been released before is something that really excited me. Add to it that this song is a leftover from VDOP, one of Pantera's strongest efforts in my point of view, makes it all the more interesting. But if it hasn't originally been included on the LP, does that somehow indicate that it is weaker than the rest of the songs?

The song's strongest point is most definitely the guitar work (not unusual for Pantera). There are quite a lot of riffs here for an average 90's Pantera song, and they are even distinguishable from each other by style. The solo isn't really something worth talking about here, though, and after having listened to the song two times, I don't even remember a single part or melody of the lead section. On the other hand, right after the solo comes quite a groovy riff, and probably the most enjoyable part of the song.

After the guitar, there isn't really much to say about this song, because it seems that the rest of the band just tries to stick with the tempo of Dime's riffs just for the sake of it and doesn't attempt to stand out any how. Phil's vocals are pretty average for his 90's style here, even a bit lazy at times. I would go as far as saying that some of the lazier vocal parts is the most annoying thing for me on this track. Vinnie is just absolutely sophomoric here and while listening to the song for a minute I forgot that they actually had a bass player. The quality of the lyrics matches that of the performance of the band excepting Dimebag.

All in all, Piss is a quite groovy at times, but not too catchy song. I greatly prefer this song over Use My Third Arm, which contains a riff from Piss and has been said to be a "later" version of it, but then again, Piss as a song by itself isn't a hit in my book. Does VDOP miss this song? I doubt that, because I feel that almost any song from that album is superior to Piss. However, if you're a Pantera fan (somewhat of a bigger fan than me I guess), you might easily like this song and it will probably give a good punch of 90's nostalgia in your face.