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Exactly What I Expected - 67%

DagZeta, April 16th, 2012

Well, look what we have here. They did some digging around and found an old track leftover from the "legendary" Vulgar Display of Power. I can imagine that all of the Pantera fans are flocking to this like I flock to Red Robin when they're serving some new burger. Anyway, this track caught my attention when I saw the music video for it. I must say, I'm quite fond of seeing people get punched in the face. However, as interesting as the video is, it means nothing if the music behind it isn't up to snuff.

As soon as "Piss" begins, you realize that this is definitely a Pantera song. It has that almost nostalgic guitar tone that you can recognize from a mile away. It starts out with a mildly thrashy riff that at least halfway made me interested. Then it kinda goes on and ends up boringly meandering along in a slow-paced groove. The verse riff really doesn't do much for the song. The whole time I'm thinking that it felt like more of an afterthought. Overall, there's really only 3 or 4 actual riffs in the song, and the verse riff seems to waste a lot of time. However, as expected, Dime's solo is fantastic. The solo is probably the saving grace of the song that made me bother to listen to it more than once.

Clearly, the guitar work seems to be the only important thing in this song. Almost as if he stopped trying after a fantastic performance on Cowboys From Hell, Phil Anselmo just half shouts angry stuff over the whole song. The vocal performance really "piss"ed me off. The lyrics aren't really nothig to be desired either. They range from buttheaded to just plain stupid. Another unfortunate thing, none of the other instruments stood out other than the guitar. It's as if Phil and Dime are the only ones they care about, and Dime is clearly more important than Anselmo. This really is a guitar driven song.

Though, if you liked Vulgar Display of Power or are one of those people who worship everything Pantera has recorded after Power Metal, you'll probably like this song. For me, I'd say that "Piss" is decent at best. There's better Pantera tracks out there, but this one is fresh for everyone. You might as well get SOME enjoyment out of it while you can.