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Pissing On Pantera's Legacy - 10%

Napalm_Satan, June 4th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2012, Digital, Rhino Records

The best way to sum up what is going on here musically is to imagine a watered down and idiotic version of Vulgar Display of Power. It is so dumb that there is no way anyone with even a slightly functioning brain could ever get behind it, unlike the rest of the album that this came from, in all its knuckledragging charm. The song's structure is so redundant and pointless, in all its verse chorus glory, that it makes pissing in the wind a more useful proposition. The few riffs in this song are just repeated ad nauseam at the same boring slow tempo the whole time. The vocals are a monotonous hardcore shout with no power behind them at all, even 'Walk' had more attitude and expression to its vocal lines and lyrics. In fact the only saving grace is the solo, which as ever is a nice bit of bluesy noodling from Dimebag - but then that is to be expected.

This really is just an awful version of 'Walk', and much like that song in its single format, it doesn't even have the atmosphere of the album to cover for it. This is just completely banal trash that remained buried for a reason, and the absolute creative nadir of this band. Hell, that main riff and the opening line would later be used in the breakdown to 'Use My Third Arm'. The fact that all of this song's worthwhile ideas can be condensed down to a one minute section should give you some idea of how much this is worth. And yes, as many have stated, the lyrics are just trash. Far from the motivational idiocy of the rest of Vulgar Display of Power, it is just an anthem for douchebag bullies. Lovely.

The song is about as good as its title - 10%

BlackMetal213, June 3rd, 2016

"Piss"? The fuck, guy? Wow, what a title! I remember when this song was released in 2012 and when I heard it, I immediately thought to myself "wow this is the most boring song I have ever heard". Granted I don't feel that way now as I have listened to far worse music since then, but this song is still pretty damn bad.

This song wasn't necessarily new when it was released, rather an old track that the band had dug up from their "Vulgar Display of Power" days that remained unreleased until 2012. I'm not really sure what compelled the guys to reveal this song. Maybe to appease Pantera fans, sure, I mean that would make sense. But this song is, for all intents and purposes, worthless. It sounds like anything you'd expect from VDoP, really. Some of that album is pretty damn good but most of the time, all substance is lost within the endless sea of macho tough guy bullshit that the album stinks of. This is not one of the good songs like "Hollow", "This Love", or even "Mouth for War". This is more like another "Walk" except even more retarded and watered down.

The riffs are just simple groove riffs that sound mediocre and uninspired. I'm not really surprised that the band left this song off of the original version of VDoP but it probably wouldn't have mattered if they included it, simply because the album is already pretty much mediocre overall. There is, of course, a fairly decent guitar solo, as with most Pantera songs. No doubt Dime was a skilled guitarist and his solo here pretty much doesn't suck. This is, however, probably the only decent moment of the song, as the rest is just boring and stinks of piss (see what I did there?). Just avoid this unless you're a die hard Pantera fan that worships everything this band ever produced, no matter how shitty it may have been.

Not as bad as the title... - 64%

KittenDecapitator, December 4th, 2012

Having a new Pantera release with material that hasn't been released before is something that really excited me. Add to it that this song is a leftover from VDOP, one of Pantera's strongest efforts in my point of view, makes it all the more interesting. But if it hasn't originally been included on the LP, does that somehow indicate that it is weaker than the rest of the songs?

The song's strongest point is most definitely the guitar work (not unusual for Pantera). There are quite a lot of riffs here for an average 90's Pantera song, and they are even distinguishable from each other by style. The solo isn't really something worth talking about here, though, and after having listened to the song two times, I don't even remember a single part or melody of the lead section. On the other hand, right after the solo comes quite a groovy riff, and probably the most enjoyable part of the song.

After the guitar, there isn't really much to say about this song, because it seems that the rest of the band just tries to stick with the tempo of Dime's riffs just for the sake of it and doesn't attempt to stand out any how. Phil's vocals are pretty average for his 90's style here, even a bit lazy at times. I would go as far as saying that some of the lazier vocal parts is the most annoying thing for me on this track. Vinnie is just absolutely sophomoric here and while listening to the song for a minute I forgot that they actually had a bass player. The quality of the lyrics matches that of the performance of the band excepting Dimebag.

All in all, Piss is a quite groovy at times, but not too catchy song. I greatly prefer this song over Use My Third Arm, which contains a riff from Piss and has been said to be a "later" version of it, but then again, Piss as a song by itself isn't a hit in my book. Does VDOP miss this song? I doubt that, because I feel that almost any song from that album is superior to Piss. However, if you're a Pantera fan (somewhat of a bigger fan than me I guess), you might easily like this song and it will probably give a good punch of 90's nostalgia in your face.

Theme song for megalomaniacs with a victim complex - 25%

tshred666, July 27th, 2012

Oh, look at this, an outtake from Vulgar Display of Power. This surely spread like the smell of rancid shit, which is to be expected, as that's what it is. This is essentially a bunch off "dun dun duh" groove riffs with the breakdown from "Use My Third Arm" used as the verse with the standard Pantera production turned down about five notches.

What do I really hate about this song? Well, beyond how it spread through word of mouth and the internet with people talking about how Pantera is still alive through their fan base and commercial legacy, it's the ass-faced lyrics that praise violence as a way to fix peoples character flaws. I can see why they left this out of VDoP as the level of ass-hattery exceeds critical levels. Where the majority of that album had well-meaning, but still knuckle-dragging positivity, this just reeks of "Oh look at how I'm better than everyone else." The attitude present in this song is an apt description of all these mouth-breathing metalcore/deathcore/pop punk junkies I'm surrounded by, the majority of them being the living embodiment of unwarranted self-importance. You know those kids that think they're hot shit because they have a band, wear the latest fashion, and have every Emmure/Job for a Cowboy/Acacia Strain CD on their shelf and see themselves as the police of their local music scene? Yeah, those moronic fuck wads. But I digress, as this has very little relevance to the song. The hamfisted lyrics show why people have zero trust in metal culture as they're basically promoting beating the shit out of someone you don't like, simply for the sake of fixing their flaws or displaying some bullshit feeling of supremacy. Yeah, because violence is always the answer, no, it's the sign of how our species is still just a bunch of stupid monkeys. If you want to prove metalheads aren't a bunch of dumb, violent motherfuckers, try writing some intelligent social and political commentary and maybe throw in some humor as well.

If you want to hear Vulgar Display of Power condensed, watered down, and with retarded lyrics, give this a couple spins. If you want intelligent metal that has honesty and musical direction, look elsewhere, probably any '80s thrash outfit.

Stale shit would be a more appropriate title. - 13%

hells_unicorn, April 30th, 2012

A full 20 years after Pantera became a commercialized idol for every pissed off jock who wanted to beat the hell out of someone smaller than them, and 8 years since the death of the man who provided the six string foundation for one of the more redundant and lackluster sub-genres of metal, a lost song suddenly became found. My own bias in this eventuality notwithstanding, there is a level of curiosity regarding a song like this given both where and when it came from. Questions such as “why did this song get dropped?” and “does it sound more like the album that came before it?” naturally come into play, and even a person who hated Pantera’s mid 90s output can give this a spin just to see what’s going on, especially given a name like “Piss”.

To put it bluntly, the answers to these 2 questions are far from positive, as the reason why this song was ultimately dropped was not that it hearkened a little too closely to the brilliant niche that was “Cowboys From Hell”, but rather because it’s a watered down, dumbed down, bad version of what made “Vulgar Display Of Power” a bad album. Amid the 4 hypnotic riffs that vary from low to mid tempo grooves with maybe an occasional turnaround is a song that is about as dry and boring as a 3 hour seminar about the mechanics of a curling iron. This is basically a slightly more complex version of “Walk” meets an utterly gutted version of “Psycho Holiday” with no real drive to it at all, just a slowed down version of primitive thrash and doom riffs with a near monotone shout thrown over top.

Sure, Dimebag plays a decent solo and the rhythm section doesn’t skip a beat, but this song is so vapid and indistinctive that the sufficiency of all the parts at work is canceled out. But fear not, for the train wreck that is Phil Anselmo’s new vocal style (which is basically a frat boy shout after too many shots and 3 packs of cigarettes) is here to save the day. Somewhere mixed into this rhythmic line of rasp and aimless rage is an implied melody, but for the life of me I can’t find it, probably because of the outright idiocy of the lyrics. To make a long story short, this song is the anthem to the ego of every douche bag bully ever encountered in public school, right down to the thug’s own sanctimonious sense of purpose in showing everybody what is what and how it’s his own god decreed duty to take out the trash. Suffice to say, in reality this sort of person is more often the culprit in inspiring somebody to shoot up their school rather than actually doing something worthwhile.

As best as can be discerned, Vinnie Paul probably resurrected this piece of crap for some nostalgia dollars, in between butchering peoples’ ears with his usual output with Hellyeah. While it’s maybe a step up from what passes for groove metal out of the surviving Abbott brother, it’s not much of one, and it’s a sizable step down from what Pantera was even doing at their creative nadir. Top it all off, there is a music video going around that accurately reflects the pointlessness of the song, featuring a guy saying in a semi-tough manner at its onset “I’m going to die in the same town I was born in”. My advice to everyone who thinks that this is some sort of ideal to live by is; aspire to more in your life, pick up a guitar and broaden your horizons beyond the rigid, banal orthodoxies established in the 90s, just be somebody for fuck’s sake.

Exactly What I Expected - 67%

DagZeta, April 16th, 2012

Well, look what we have here. They did some digging around and found an old track leftover from the "legendary" Vulgar Display of Power. I can imagine that all of the Pantera fans are flocking to this like I flock to Red Robin when they're serving some new burger. Anyway, this track caught my attention when I saw the music video for it. I must say, I'm quite fond of seeing people get punched in the face. However, as interesting as the video is, it means nothing if the music behind it isn't up to snuff.

As soon as "Piss" begins, you realize that this is definitely a Pantera song. It has that almost nostalgic guitar tone that you can recognize from a mile away. It starts out with a mildly thrashy riff that at least halfway made me interested. Then it kinda goes on and ends up boringly meandering along in a slow-paced groove. The verse riff really doesn't do much for the song. The whole time I'm thinking that it felt like more of an afterthought. Overall, there's really only 3 or 4 actual riffs in the song, and the verse riff seems to waste a lot of time. However, as expected, Dime's solo is fantastic. The solo is probably the saving grace of the song that made me bother to listen to it more than once.

Clearly, the guitar work seems to be the only important thing in this song. Almost as if he stopped trying after a fantastic performance on Cowboys From Hell, Phil Anselmo just half shouts angry stuff over the whole song. The vocal performance really "piss"ed me off. The lyrics aren't really nothig to be desired either. They range from buttheaded to just plain stupid. Another unfortunate thing, none of the other instruments stood out other than the guitar. It's as if Phil and Dime are the only ones they care about, and Dime is clearly more important than Anselmo. This really is a guitar driven song.

Though, if you liked Vulgar Display of Power or are one of those people who worship everything Pantera has recorded after Power Metal, you'll probably like this song. For me, I'd say that "Piss" is decent at best. There's better Pantera tracks out there, but this one is fresh for everyone. You might as well get SOME enjoyment out of it while you can.