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Not worth the plastic for the CD. - 35%

Plague, June 17th, 2008

I like some Pantera... and I like probably 3 to 5 of the live songs on here. They pretty much threw their popular songs on this one and let it sit worthlessly on the shelf. I'm pretty sure this album was overdubbed and thrown together from several different soundboard recordings from shows. The crowd doesn't sound natural in some parts... it just seems like it's all copy and pasted together. They decide "Hey let's do a live album." Maybe they should've picked the songs where Phil doesn't sound like he forgot the vocal pattern mid verse. Well, maybe these were the good picks? That wouldn't be a shocker. The two new songs aren't all that bad... but nowhere near as good as the material on The Great Southern Trendkill. The song choice is "what you'd hear on the radio" and Suicide Note Part 2. They played F'ing Hostile? What a surprise. So did the local radio station every damn day.

Phil Anselmo manages to record just how terrible he was live in the mid-late 90s. I can't imagine seeing them doing this version of Strength Beyond Strength live... he sounds like vomitting from having too much whiskey is flowing out of his mouth during this song. Oh, and the mumbled verses on This Love were also a nice touch. Dimebag's riffing is pretty good and tight. Some of the solos sound completely messy while some others are dead on. As a fellow guitar player... I think he used way too much gain. Rex has some nice bass work too... Hey i'm glad I can actually hear the bass. Vinnie Paul sounds like he always does - bland, mediocre drumming with a complete lack of variation.

Overall I think this album is just a stack of crap to make some money. The studio songs were pretty well done, considering the rest of the album. They should've just done an EP or something.

Songs I think they should've done instead: Slaughtered, Floods, Shedding Skin, and The Great Southern Trendkill.

Songs on here I actually enjoyed: Dom/Hollow, I'm Broken, Sandblasted Skin, and Suicide Note Part II, Where You Come From