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Cheesy though still pretty good. - 84%

IWP, September 25th, 2008

So this is where Pantera started out as a band. This is way back in 83 when glam was just starting to become a mainstream force. This album is pure glam with the occasional speed metal moments which are present in both I'll Be Alright and Metal Magic. This album is pretty cheesy even for glam. This is no Projects From the Jungle more to less Power Metal.

What this album sounds like is a second rate Poison/Bon Jovi fusion. So for those who do not like either band, you will probably hate this album, as evident with the amount of shit it has gotten from both metalheads and Pantera fanboys alike. However, if you're like me, and absolutely love 80s hair metal, you'll at least dig this. For a glam album, it's pretty consistent, though at times it does get rather bland.

The main thing that holds this album back (for me anyway) is the production. The sound is just too raw and unpolished. For a thrash album, this kind of production would be great, but this is 80s glam, and therefore, it just doesn't sound right.

The best songs on this album would be Ride My Rocket, Tell Me If You Want It, I'll Be Alright, and Metal Magic. The first two mentioned songs are very catchy and upbeat rockers. Ride My Rocket is pretty up tempo, but doesn't qualify as speed metal, because of the lack of riffs. The last two mentioned tracks, however, are two awesome speed metal songs, that would eventually influence the rest of their career as musicians. Metal Magic is probably the closest to thrash that this album gets, and sounds like total Judas Priest worship though with cheesy lyrics. They would do this speed metal number even better on their next album, Projects in the Jungle.

However, there are two songs here that bring the score down a bit. These are the last two tracks, Sad Lover and Rock Out. Both songs are rather dull and generic glam songs, and Rock Out tends to get a bit boring at times. These songs aren't really bad, but there just pretty avarage for glam standards.

For the most part, this album is pretty consistent. However, I can't really picture anyone outside of glam metal fans that would appreciate this album. If you're into thrash, stay away from this album, you'll hate just about every moment of it, outside of the title track. If you're a Pantera fan, you might want to give this a listen to see how the band started out. However, if you're an 80s glam fan, I'd recommend this you, especially if you're into Poison or Ratt. This album is pretty much impossible to find at a reasonable price, so just download it instead.