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Cock Rock Magic - 33%

HangThePope, September 13th, 2006

Yeah, apparently odes to getting laid over rock n roll boogies was Dime & Co.'s idea of metal back in the early 80's. The vibe here is pretty much a complete flipside to the life's hardships angst on "Far Beyond Driven" and "The Great Southern Trendkill".

It's best comparable to a cheesy version of Poison with lyrics as crass as Spinal Tap's "Sex Farm"!! The majority of the stuff here isn't GOOD by ANY standards. Dimes playing is decent and the solos are ear catching but it's impossible to enjoy them with the "ooo baby" vocals, "lick my ice cream cone" lyrics and lame riffs. Really amateur glam, kind of like a demo Poison used to get signed by a company.

There is ONE exception however, the title track, which oddly enough is a pretty cool, SPEED METAL number. It starts off with hilarious "magic" synthesizer effects but then darts away with a good headbanging riff. Reminds me a lot of Exciter "Heavy Metal Maniac" which is a great comparison for any band.

For the rest, you'll need a strong stomach. From the self explanatory "Ride My Rocket", "Tell Me If You Want It" and "(She's got) Nothin on (but the radio)" to the "sincere" ballad "Biggest part of me" you'll be highly sickened and amused.

In reflection the albums only really worth is for seeing where the band came from and for the title track which is decent. You can't expect much from it because they were kids and it's glam, and glam is by definition = music for chicks...oh and the front cover is just DISTURBING.