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I am the glam rocker trying to turn metal!!! - 70%

PowerMetalGuardian, May 29th, 2003

Terry Glaze and the Texas boys return for another glam metal album. Sure enough this stuff is glam or 80's metal, whatever you want to call it. However there is slight moments where you can see there music style starting to progress into something better. Sure this album has the essential glam style of rocking. Singing about sex, the ballad, the big hair, but some songs have great fast riffs and awsome speed metal solo's.

This album sounds a lot like glam metal: Ratt, Quiet Riot, Motley if you don't like this style don't even bother. We bust off this album with Hot and Heavy. It has silly lyrics about sex and rockin heavy. You can tell from this song that Terry "Glaze's" vocals have changed since Projects in the Jungle. They are more distinct sounding, almost like an Axle Rose (without the drugs). The solo on this song blows all 80 solo's out of the water! And then we continue on with the every pressing glam style through most of these songs.

There are some songs that don't even sound glam. For example I am the Night. This song has an awsome lead intro riff and then busts in a speed metal riff that reminds me a lot of Judas Priest's Screaming for Vengeance. Onward We Rock also drifts away from the glam style...well the riffs do, but not the vocals. In fact if Terry would have kept his mouth shut, this song would totally scream heavy metal. Down Below! Best song on this album. Starts off with the heaviest riff and drum beat that Pantera has thus seen in there career! And the lyrics!!! "People running down the street/Looking for meat to eat." This isn't the glam Pantera I know!

Besides those couple songs of pure metal, the rest is glam, but not necssarily bad. Valhalla ha an awsome vocal production, and awsome brutal riff that will leave you headbanging (well at least I did). Forever Tonight, the last song on this album, is a ballad. Thus completing this album as a glam metal album. However, it's pretty damn good. If it's anything Pantera did good in their hair days, it was writing ballads. This has the potential that Taking My Life (Projects in the Jungle) does.

Overall this album is 80's heavy metal. So if you like this stuff, I definetly would get it. It has a lot of cheese, but most glam metal had that cheese aspect. There are some songs that definetly shows metal coming into there work. But again I stress, if you don't appreciate 80's heavy metal, then don't even bother listening to this one!