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Kickass glam/speed metal! - 93%

IWP, March 9th, 2007

This is Pantera’s third glam metal album, and their final album with singer, Terry Glaze. They would later replace Glaze with singer after singer until two years when they found singer, Phil Anselmo. Anyway, this is definantly the best out of the first three albums, and it’s not even a full glam album, as it has several speed metal tracks on here (I Am The Night, Onward We Rock, Down Below, and Vahalla), and most of the songs on here that are glam are pretty heavy in their own right. Dimebag’s guitar playing progresses even further in this album, Vinnie Paul has a new bass drum that sounds cool in the songs, and gives them more of a feel, Rexx Rocker sounds good on the bass as always, and even Terry Glaze has improved drastically in his style of singing which kind of sounds like a mix between Axle Rose and Rob Halford.

Hot & Heavy opens up the album with a bang! It’s an awesome song about girls and sex. “Take a lick at my ice cream cone, baby. I can‘t wait to take you home, and beat ya with my stick!” That’s so cool! The drums stay consistent with a good beat. I love the guitar solo towards the middle to end of the song. It’s ashamed that most people only know about Pantera’s 90s albums, and judge Dimebag’s playing only by those songs. His solos and overall guitar playing were a lot better back in the 80s then they were in the 90s. This is one of my favorite songs on the album. 10/10

I Am The Night is the first speed metal track on this album, and opens up with a little bit of shredding from Dimebag. Then, the song starts up, and income the riffs. The drumming is very fast, which is of course awesome. The vocals kind of sound a bit evil as well, as it is both Glaze and Dimebag singing at the sound time. We get another solo towards the 2:45 mark of the song. This, as well as the next song, screams Judas Priest. 10/10

Onward We Rock starts out with a nice heavy riff, and once the drums begin, you know right from the start what you’re in for. One heavy as heel song! The chorus, which is sung by Dimebag, by the way) is cool as shit as well. “Oooonward we rock! Slaaaave to the dark” That screams heavy fucking metal all over. Add another awesome solo from Dimebag, and you get another flawless killer of a song. 10/10

D*G*T*T*M is really the only weak track on this album, as it's pointless filler. There’s a bunch of various weird noises throughout the song along with a bunch of guitar noodling. Meh. 5/10

Daughters Of The Queen is the next song. Towards the: 40 mark of the song, we get treated to a nice riff that you can’t help, but headbang to. The song stays pretty consistent. This song appears to be about a guy who wants to rescue a couple of princesses from and castle, and then make love to them. The lyrics are slightly lame, but that doesn’t hurt the song at all, as there are plenty of cool riffs, and the drumming is awesome as well. 10/10

Down Below is probably the best song on here, as it is killer speed metal with an attitude. In fact, it’s so awesome that they decided to redo it, and put it on their next album, power metal, with Phil Anselmo doing the singing. Once again, this is Judas Priest worship all over. It kind of reminds me of their song, Eat Me Alive. The songs starts out with another heavy riff, which you absolutely have to headbang to. I do it every time I listen to it. The drumming is lighting fast, which adds to the awesomeness. Then, the solo comes, and you start swinging your long hair around. Well, I do anyway. I’d give this song an 11/10 if I could, but I can’t, so there. 10/10

Come - On Eyes is the other “lame glam” song on this album, as started in an earlier review. However, since I like glam so much, I find nothing lame about this song. It has cool lyrics about sex, and is very catchy. The drumming stays consistent and heavy as well. The song has cool riffs, and is very catchy. 8/10

Right On The Edge is real heavy, for a glam song anyway. The riffs and drumming are heavy as fuck. Glaze is probably at his peak vocally in this song, as even he contributes to the heaviness in this song. Add another solo, and you get another perfect song. 10/10

Vahalla is the last speed metal track on here, and it kind of sounds like a less heavier version of “Burnnn” which they would do on their next album. However, it’s still very heavy. I love the chorus in this song. Glaze screams out “Vahallaaaaah!” That’s cool as shit! Dimebag performs yet another awesome solo. 10/10

The album once again closes off with a hair ballad called Forever Tonight. However, for a ballad this is very good. The fact that Dimebag can nail cool riffs on a ballad like this proves that he was one of the better guitarists of the 80s, even though they weren’t very popular back then, which is pretty ironic considering that they were a glam metal band in the 80s, and as everyone should know, glam was extremely popular back then. Anyway, the song stays consistent. Dimebag nails another cool solo in this song. This is probably my favorite ballad ever. 10/10

Once again, if you’re not into glam metal, stay away from this album. However, there are moments where even a non-glam metal fan could appreciate this album. However, in my opinion, they wouldn’t reach they’re pinnacle until their next album. If you’re a fan of glam metal, or even speed metal, then you should defiantly get you hands on this, as soon as possible.