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When Metal Becomes Lethal - 92%

Human666, May 25th, 2007

When you takes anger, violence and aggression, mix it with a shitload of heavy groove, you gets something far beyond driven. This is one of the more brutal stuff existing on earth, much more than all these ludicrous grindcore bands which can't carry a brutal track for longer than a minute...or half.

If you followed Pantera's discography till 1992, it will be pretty predictable for you to guess that this album gonna be heavy like a shit, and that's right. "Vulgar Display Of Power" was pretty vulgar, but this album had taken some steps farther (listen to "Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills", you'll know what I mean). The lyrics are much more straightforward: "Fuck you and your College dream", "The president in submission, he holds out his hand on Your television ", "A crippled America", "I fucked your girlfriend last night, while you snored and drooled, I fucked your love." "I can see you, can fuck you, inside of you".

You got that point.

Now, the way the lyrics delivered is flawless, just fits perfect. 'Philip Anselmo' shouts powerfully the lyrics like a killer and the excellent riffage of "Dimebag Darrell" is harsh and heavy and combines perfect with the vox. The guitar has a real heavy tone, sometimes it also down tuned so it sounds extremely heavy but still remains clear so it doesn't sound too much dirty and hard to comprehend. This album has one of the best guitar sounds I've heard in metal. It's very heavy, very piercing but still remains clear. There is also a lot of use with whammy bars and diving solos which adds a vibrating sense within the album, especially in the exciting solo in "Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks" which is one of the best solos I've ever heard. What else? Vinnie does an amazing job here and shows an awesome skill with double bass drumming. The bass lines are also pretty intense due to the pure production and adds a groovy feeling, it actually can be heard and that's a huge plus for this album.

To sum up: "Far Beyond Driven" is easily one of the best metal albums from the 90's. It got a lot of headbangable riffs and exciting shreeding solos, agressive vocals and interesting song writing which remains awesome for the whole 56 minutes of it. Simply a must have for each headbanger!