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You'd have to be drunk to enjoy this. - 40%

IHateMTV, December 10th, 2004

I used to be a huge fan of Pantera, so when I saw that a DVD was made containing all of their videos, I had to buy it. The first big problem I faced was that there were no chapter breaks, meaning that you had to watch each hour-long video in one sitting. Those who just want to automatically watch the music videos will have to fast forward through the whole thing just to get to them.

The main attraction of this thing is the video content itself, in which case, "Vulgar Videos from Hell" isn't very good. We get three hour-long videos which show the exact same stuff: the drunken band members making complete fools out of themselves. They throw stuff around, they cuss at each other, and do loads of other annoying stuff that no one cares about. This kind of stuff is a little interesting for about 15 minutes, but it becomes unbearable at the end of the hour (to show you how boring it is, I've had this thing for over 6 months and haven't even been tempted to watch one of the other two videos included).

As predicted, the band once again ignores any of their stuff before "Cowboys From Hell". Also, those hoping for some live concert footage will be disappointed as well. I really can't believe I paid $34.99 for this thing. What a waste.