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The Book of Lunn (Chapter 3: The Master & the Apprentice) - 70%

Dying_Hope, July 12th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2009, CD, Lundr Records (Pro CD-R)


Ok, let's make it short and sweet. The challenge of writing a review for every Panopticon release also presents me with the task of hearing the splits and that was not too difficult in the case of this split, because there is basically not too much to say. Let's start and finish this...

Haunted in Blood

We begin with the Panopticon songs "Haunted America" and "La passione de Sacco & Vanzetti". "Haunted America" is an ambient piece, accompanied by acoustic guitars and piano. It is underlined by a speech that I unfortunately do not understand and unfortunately have not yet been able to find out where this speech comes from. The melody of the song is wonderful and captivates the listener. It serves perfect as an intro to the following song "La passione de Sacco & Vanzetti" which I talked about in my last review. If you are interested, check it out, because I did not feel the need to copy and paste my last review into this one.

The Lake of Blood side contains the songs "Eternal in my Domain" in a studio and a live version, as well as the band-named song "Lake of Blood" in a live version. The studio version of "Eternal in my Domain" starts with wind noises and turns into a black metal blast storm. The song is very clear and well produced and therefore has a high sustainability. You can hear a little tiny pinch of Death Metal before the song penetrates into epic realms but remains very catchy. A hint of melancholy is sprayed. The riffing, on the other hand, is very reminiscent of Immortal in its "At the Heart of Winter" phase. The live versions are not very professional now but exude the spirit of the 90s. All in all a good but not very sustainable thing.


As you can see, there is unfortunately nothing more to say about it. The Panopticon songs are great, even the ambient piece exudes a melancholy that I cannot escape. Lake of Blood, on the other hand, are cool, but unfortunately I don't get really warm with this band. The studio version makes the live recordings look pale, burying them under its potential. In the end, Panopticon is king here as always, so I would give them 90%. But to be fair, I'll give the overall experience a rating. So there is a masterful band and a band with growth potential. A total of 70% for the entire album. Oh, how I hate to distribute ratings...