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Pannychida - Missense Mutation - 94%

Edmund Sackbauer, March 5th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Satanath Records (Limited edition)

When looking for some great new metal albums More Hate Productions is always a good place to start with. One of their newest outputs has been delivered by Russian death metal warriors Pannychida. For whatever reason there has been a break of twelve years between their last album and “Missense Mutation”.

Pannychida walk the path between the classic structures of old school death metal and a more modern and technical approach with ease and self-confidence. The main riffs should make fans of Morbid Angel etc. feel right at home. There are flashes of technical prowess that build up a slightly chaotic atmosphere in some sections before the thundering death metal machine is marching in straight line again. Pannychida are great songwriters and use these elements to give the listener sometimes a feeling of relief when the already known rhythm takes over again. When I say “chaotic atmosphere” this does not mean that they ever lose the focus of the actual song but implement this kind of twists very cleverly.

The drumming is especially impressive as I can imagine that it is not always easy to follow all those rhythm and tempo changes with such ease. The combination of blast-beats and more laid-back and groovy pieces is what makes “Missense Mutation” such a fresh and interesting listen. The main chords and the pummeling drum attacks are accompanied by some fantastic lead hooks that often have a quite harmonic feeling and other times do sound a bit strange and slightly quirky.

As instrumentation played on such a high level asks for a powerful vocalist I am glad to report that Denis is exactly that. His roaring and growling is very intense and his delivery is on point. While some could argue that his deep tone might come across as a bit monotonous I personally think this is exactly what is needed here. His pronunciation is great making all the lyrics easily understandable.

The production is thick and heavy giving the songs an immense punch. The drums have this brutal tone that makes the whole music feel like a bulldozer at full speed. The rumbling bass is audible and is used to great effect as solo instrument in some sections. Including a stunning cover artwork “Missense Mutation” is another highlight and easily one of the best records of the genre released over the past few months.